Sunday, October 30, 2011

SV01 SeeU First Demo Song Review

SV01 SeeU's First Demo
Hi there and welcome to VocaloidSync.
Today I will be doing a review of the song Run by the latest Korean Vocaloid, SV01 SeeU!!
This demo song is in Korean, which is SeeU's main voicebank language, besides Japanese.
Anyways, this song is mostly about three things : dreams, hope and love. <3

She sings about the world being a dull place is getting brighter and that everyone should take every opportunity to follow and chase after their dreams. SeeU also sings that we must have hope in everything that we do, because when we believe, we can achieve.

In the chorus, she says that she won't look back and will look forward to her future and her achievements. In the second verse, she sings about maybe indulging in love even though she is a shy girl at heart.
The most meaningful part of the song is the bridge. Here the tempo slows down and she is singing about when you're feeling down, stuck or facing obstacles, don't give up chasing after your dreams as you do and can achieve them.

What I found interesting in her demo is that from her original leaked demo, I=Fantasy, the producers have improved her voice to match her appearance as a teenager. Also in the video, the artworks are sent in by fans of SeeU and are even credited. This gives an opportunity for fans to express their feelings towards SeeU. Other than that, the beats and tempo of the song suits her. So bravo to the parties involved in successfully producing SeeU's first official demo. *clap clap clap*
The only thing I think they could improve is to work SeeU in a faster and upbeat song, as her other genre is suppose to be K-pop. And also try to make SeeU sound more human as I believe she is able to do that.
Thanks for reading!! ^~^

Information for the demo:
Run lyrics & music by Dr.Owl.
V3 operated by Kimchiman.
Video by SBS Artech.
Song by SeeU.

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