Monday, April 30, 2012

VOCALENDAR | A Calender Filled With Vocaloid-Related Events

Having troubles keeping track of all those Vocaloid-related events? Well then VOCALENDAR is just the right site for you!

It's a Japanese site developed by Vocaloid fans to help keep track of all Vocaloid-related events happening in Japan. Not only that, the sites also updates frequently about figurine release dates, CD release dates, special TV broadcast, NND special broadcasts and many more.

A simple click on the event title and a pop up will appear, providing details of the event and the related external sites. Also, you can view VOCALENDAR using smartphones too. 

Currently, the site is only available in Japanese language and it is still in Beta phase.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Producer Spotlight | Nanahoshi Kangengakudan (Fujun Isei Kouyuu-P) / 七星管弦楽団(不純異性交遊P)

Long title is long

Hello everyone! Its time for Producer Spotlight! Today, I'm gonna introduce a VOCAROCK producer, Nanahoshi Kangengakudan, or his P name Fujun Isei Kouyuu-P. Let's have a listen at my favourite song from Nanahoshi-san!
Shuumatsu no Mythologia 終末のミュートロギア

Nanahoshi-san's music style is more focused on VOCAROCK , all of his work has electric guitar as the main accompaniment. He started producing Vocaloid songs since year 2010 and has been gaining fame steadily. Here's his hit song , Sefure セフレ.

Nanahoshi-san has a 'trademark' of his own. His songs usually have a electric guitar solo part just before the last chorus strikes. And because of his awesome performance, the fans named this solo part 'Super Nanahoshi Time'. (you can see Super Nanahoshi Time tags or comments at his videos) Nanahoshi-san usually records the guitar accompaniments while the other instruments are done using DTM (Desktop Music).

And here's a video of Nanahoshi-san playing the guitar part to one of his songs, CUNE TUNE. The original video has been deleted at NicoNicoDouga but I managed to fish it from Youtube

Here's some useful links!
Mylist : mylist/18955315
Twitter : @sosite_iwamikun

Do check out his songs, they're awesome!

Well that's all for this week's Producer Spotlight. Stay tuned for next week's. Any producers that you wanna highlight?

Tidbit: Nanahoshi-san loves pantsu lol

Friday, April 27, 2012

DJ Hellcove: Friends.....

Thank God its Friday people! Maybe its time to ditch those hard works and hang out with friends at some restaurants, club or just simply shared glasses of Teh Tarik with your friends at nearby mamak stall. Fellow Malaysian will understand what I meant here. So thats it people, I decide to go with a theme today, that is FRIENDSHIP~ Enjoy.

But before that a small announcement, the recording for Mikupa and 39's Giving Day concert has been officially set for release 29th August 2012 in BD or DVD. Go to AmiAmi, to pre-order~

Alright now lets start on the music shall we?

First we will have a song about communication between friends, where sometime what came out from our mouth does not match what are really trying to convey. We yearn for someone to understand us, is what I think this song message is.

I give you, Outward and Inwards (外見と内面). Vocal Hatsune Miku DARK composed by scop, the same producer that make 'A Liar World'.  Enjoy it~

The music and vocal arrangement will indeed give you thoughts and touches your heart. Next song we will have our ear entertained by another Miku song entitled Vacant Land of Earth (地球の空き地 ) composed by Harry. No, not that Harry. Its a song about losing someone, either loved ones or friends in a conflict of human beings.

In any rate, please enjoy the song.

Third song, a song with a question. Hatsune Miku again, singing a song composed by 宮沢もよよ , asking you, 'We are friends, aren't we?'

Alright thats all folks, thanks for listening tonight and have a good Saturday tomorrow. Last song we will change theme a bit, just unique. Hope you enjoy it. Until next time.

Astro Trooper by Shi-jigenP (四次元P
P.S: Its mikumix stuff.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Powerpuff Girls x Hatsune Miku Collaboration Announced

Powerpuff Girls, a nostalgic cartoon series from Cartoon Network, will be forming a collaboration with Hatsune Miku and Vocaloids this coming Summer 2012.

This collaboration is to commemorate the 10th Anniversay of Powerpuff Girls airing in Japan.
Having my favourite cartoon from my childhood to team-up with Vocaloid is truly a personal satisfaction.

The "Powerpuff Girls" characters were created by Craig McCracken back in 1992, with a prototype short-animation film aired in 1995. The first airing in Japan started since 2001, and is now broadcasted in 168 countries worldwide, while gaining popularity from a wide range of children. Hatsune Miku, a singing software called "Vocaloid" that "sings a song" based on the lyrics and notes input, using "Hatsune Miku" as the vocals. Products have been published under the Vocaloid name, from CDs to even holding a live performance.

This time, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Japanese airing of Powerpuff Girls, a collaboration with Hatsune Miku has been formed. Vocaloids, such as Hatsune Miku, the Kagamine Twins, Rin and Len and even Megurine Luka, will be dressed in "Powerpuff Girl" costumes and deformed in accordance to the Powerpuff design for the heroines, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup.

The world-famous characters are set to receive collaborative products, scheduled to appear one after another this summer. More information on the "Powerpuff Girls x Hatsune Miku" collaboration will be posted at the official website in the future.

Via News Ameba

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 ver. Preview Images

Coloured Prototype images of this year's upcoming Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 ver. is now up on the Good Smile Company website.

This year's Racing Miku design is based on an illustration by GAN.  Stepping away from 2011's more mature look, 2012's Racing Miku has more of a cute feeling to her.

As shown, one of her two faceplates is a winking expression, based on the original illustration. Her twintails also seem to consist of at least two separate parts to allow for more dynamic posing of the hair. She also comes with arm parts that allows her to be posed in a saluting stance.

A bent leg part also enables her to be posed just like in another official illustration.

Of course, following previous Racing Miku versions, Racing Miku 2012 will also come with an open and closed parasol, as well as a miniature Good Smile Racing Nendoroid Race car, which she will be able to ride in.

Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 is available for pre-order until the 7th of May, 22:00 (JST). She will be available in several different sponsorship packages. However, only two are available for international orders, details as follows:

1. Nendoroid Course A at 8000¥  (excluding shipment fee). 
-Nendoroid「Racing Miku 2012 ver.」
-Ticket Holder
-Metal Key Holder
-Racing Miku 2012 ver. Clear File 2-Piece Set

2. Nendoroid Course B at 30,000¥ (excluding shipment fee). 
-Nendoroid「Racing Miku 2012 ver.」
-Ticket Holder
-Metal Key Holder
-Racing Miku 2012 ver. Clear File 2-Piece Set
-#0 Replica Folding Parasol
-Racing Miku 2012 ver. Original Backpack

Orders can be made from the Good Smile Racing Sponsorship Program website

More images of Nendoroid Racing Miku 2012 can be found at the MyFigureCollection gallery, which includes images from a recent Good Smile Company Nico broadcast. 

Image Source: Good Smile Company

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #238

Its time for this week's Vocaloid Rankings! I'm still in the middle of exams though /shot

Naho's Opening Statement

Good evening everyone, its time for this week's Vocaran.
Next week is the long awaited NicoNico Choukaigi eh!
I feel very happy and excited!

There's VoM@s at Choukaigi too
As expected, there will be lots of new song releases.
This week's Vocaran will be 'Exciting' too.

Well lets proceed with the rankings!
Starting with 30th place!

30(New!!) : 【IA】M
ystic Dyeing【オリジナルPV
29(23) : 【GUMI
】 イカサマライフゲイム 【オリジナル・PV付】
28(21) : 【初音ミク
】 Black Board 【オリジナル曲】
27(13) : 【初音ミク
26(5) : 【GUMI
25(14) : 【GUMI
・鏡音リン】 インビジブル 【オリジナル曲・PV付
24(New!!) : 【鏡音レン
┗|∵|┓】 桜と僕とあの子にhshsな気持ち by HoneyWorks
23(New!!) : 【初音ミク
22(New!!) : 初音ミク
- too late to tell / U-ske
21(New!!) : 【初音ミク
20(New!!) : 【GUMI
】 マーシャルの嬌声 【オリジナル!】
19(→19) : 『初音ミク
18(New!!) : 【初音ミク
】 shake it! 【鏡音リン・レン
17(New!!) : 【GUMI
】 FantasiStar 【オリジナル・PV付】
16(New!!) : 【V3 G
UMI】終末論 code:heretic【オリジナル曲MV】
15(33) : 【IA】シ
14(New!!) : 【初音ミク
13(New!!) : 【GUMI
】 雪月花 【オリジナル曲】
12(2) : 君はいなせ
11(3) : 『風待ちハ
ローワールド』 : 初音ミク/add9(ヘリP)

Pick Up(--) : 【鏡音・ア

10(--) : 【V3GU
9(New!!) : 【初音ミク
8(New!!) : 【初音ミク
7(New!!) : 【初音ミク
】 世迷言ユニバース 【オリジナル】
6(New!!) : 【GUMI
5(New!!) : 【鏡音リン
】 少年少女カメレオンシンプトム 【オリジナルPV付】
4(1) : 【IA】六

This week in history
5 : 【GUMI】「夜空にふたつ」【オリジナル】
4 : 【初音ミク】キミノカケラ【オリジナル曲】
3 : 【初音ミク】ラストエフェクト【オリジナル】
2 【GUMI】進化論 code:variant【オリジナル曲MV】
1 : 【GUMI】 マーメイド 【オリジナルPV】

3(New!!) : 鏡音レンオ
リジナル曲 「マジカル☆ぬこレンレン 新劇場版」
2(New!!) : 【初音ミク
】 非実在少年は眠らない 【オリジナルPV】
1(New!!) : 【GUMI

Ending Song : 【巡音ルカ
】 さ く ら 【オリジナル】

Naho's Closing Statement
And that was this week's 1st place~

Right after NicoNico Choukaigi, there's also a music-related doujin event named M3,
It will be at Tokyo Ryuutsuu Centre on the 30th of April.
This event comprises of Vocaloid related CDs, Touhou and also original works.

Maybe, there are people who would go for three days straight! (NicoNico Choukaigi & M3)

And here's 31st rank and below.

Lat Miku Dancing on Your palm - Now available on Android

Tenorin, an augmented reality (AR) Android app by KDDI, that enables users to have character models dance on their palms, was recently updated with a new MMD model that features the popular Lat. Type Miku model.

The model's availablility was announced by renowned MMDPV director/creator MASATAKA, on his Twitter and Facebook page. The Lat Miku model herself (or itself?) is a winning design from a previous contest, the Tenorin Hatsune Miku Original Costume Contest in collaboration with PIAPRO.

Android users may download the free Tenorin app from the Google Play Store. Once installed, users will be able to download the Lat Miku mod for free via Tenorin's Market option.

MMD users may also download the model itself for usage in MMD at the Tenorin website.

And now for a little showcase of how the app works on my Galaxy Nexus. Note that the Lat Miku mod must be set as the default model first, under "Downloaded Data"

Users will first be asked to set their palms as shown on the screenshot above.

Once properly positioned, Miku will then appear on the user's palm and start dancing to a new song, Happy HappyOrange (ハピハピ☆オレンジ)

However, the palm detection may be a little fuzzy if the user's palm is not held still - Miku may disappear and re-appear all over the screen if not held correctly. 

Source reference : Vocaloidism

Monday, April 23, 2012

DJ Hellcove Time: Hang in there!

Yo, people! Its another week of waking up early and enduring the pain of dealing with daily life works. Sometimes a life of a NEET and hikokomori are tempting~ Just kidding, hang in there guys!

As usual, tonight I gonna entertain you with selection of Vocaloid songs I stumble in Nico~ But first, let me show you this video~

Oh, Japan. You never cease to amaze me :3

Let start off with something that is old but also quite recent, like this year recent. The first song is a duet between the duo Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku and it has struck a first place in the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking once for its awesome PV and catchy beat.

Everyone, I present you Akatsuki Arrival by Last Note!

Ah, good song is good~ this song is the latest I heard from Last Note, hoping for more. The song can be purchased electronically via Hear Japan, click here to support the artist with your 50 Yen~

Alright then, let us proceed with the next song. This song is quite the unique one, as expected from the producer Pinocchio-P. A song with the message 'Love take many forms', I give you Hatsune Miku singing the song 'Do Not Kill The Love Song'. Enjoy.

Third song is another duet. Another new song this week by Luka and GUMI with a nice illustration style PV. The song title is Unison, music arranged by emon and composed by Imama/ユニゾン. Enjoy~

Since its new, quite impossible to find YT link now, so sorry guys~

Anyway, forth and final song for tonight is called Catastrophe. The song is composed by 音坂 キョーヘイ , a work of Sound Factory. Let Miku and GUMI sings my goodbye for tonight, accompanied with awesome violin and piano arrange. Until next time~

"Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku x LincEnglish" Collaboration Confusion

LincEnglish, a Japanese-based online English teaching centre had previously announced a planned collaboration of "Megurine Luka & Hatsune Miku x LincEnglish" with Vocaloid-related teaching materials, which was scheduled to start on April 1st.
However, a slight misinformation had occurred when the classes started.

Those whom enrolled had expected Vocaloid-related teaching materials, complete with textbooks and exercises revolving around the Vocaloid universe, complete with its characters and illustrations.

According to the website later on, it was revealed that the normal teaching materials could not use the illustrations as shown on the website, but promises an original novelty present upon registration for their classes.

Hopes of having Luka-nee or Miku-nee teaching eager fans have been dashed, as it was purely a marketing strategy, none of it related to the educational means for those who've enrolled.

However, a notable and favourite illustrator of mine handled the main banner, Murakami Yuichi (村上ゆいち), the man whom is also responsible for the visual key of Racing Miku 2011, which has ended up with Nendoroid, figma and currently a 1/8 scaled renditions. 

If you'd like to follow him and his artworks, please refer to his links below;

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Album Review - Last Color

From the crossfade video above, I'm sure you could tell that this album review would be on SCL Project's latest album - Last Color! Basically this is the first and the last major album for VanaN'Ice, so fans of VocaRock and male Vocaloid2 characters should not miss this!

Before that, let's wiki attack to get an introduction on VanaN'Ice and also the team behind this superb album!

Kagamine Len, Kamui Gakupo and Shion Kaito were united as a single vocal group to form a virtual band known as VanaN'Ice where Gakupo plays the bass while Kaito and Len plays the guitar. Often these virtual idols are featured in virtual Kei style. Thus these Vocaloid2 characters are often dressed in extravagant costumes as illustrated in most of their PVs.

The most notable song of VanaN'Ice would have been [Imitation Black] which have hit 1.2 million views on NicoNicoDouga recently. [Setsugetsuka] is another song which is rising in fame too.

SCL Project is the production team that produced all the songs for the virtual band, VanaN'Ice. natsu-P is in charged of the music, vocal tuning as well as the lyrics where else Haku is responsible for the mixing and the playing of musical instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, etc. Finally, let us not forget HaruAki who contributed pretty illustrations and PVs that inspired the cosplay community all around the world!

Besides songs featuring VanaN'Ice members, I would like to recommend another song by SCL Project - [Spiral Game]

Now, let us move on to the actual album! Here's the song list as shown below. Alternately, you can check that out on VocaDB (link)

  1. LOVELESS×××
  2. Le rouge est amour
  3. 背徳の記憶〜The Lost Memory〜
  4. Dark Side of the Moon
  5. Tears Rain
  6. 13943号室
  7. Arrest Rose
  8. 桜舞イ散リヌ-麗-
  9. Last Letter
  10. Escape
  11. Eternal Song
  13. Fate:Rebirth (BONUS TRACK)
  14. 刹月華 (BONUS TRACK)
  15. LOVELESS -piano ver- (BONUS TRACK)

First and foremost, I would have to mention that the songs in this album were listed in a very beautiful order! The first 8 songs, with [背徳の記憶〜The Lost Memory〜 ] in particular, gave a rather dark/emotional feel to the album. That would definitely touch the hearts of fans with a liking for sentimental and emotional melodies.

After these songs, the album turns back to the usual rock feel, with several solo songs featuring each of the band member. 
Kagamine Len, Kamui Gakupo and Shion Kaito have their spotlight moment in  [Dark Side of the Moon], [Le rouge est amour] and [Tears Rain] respectively!

To end this post, I would like to share one particular song with a sweet xylophone melody - [桜舞イ散リヌ-麗-]

Vocaloid Lily gets Nendoroid Treatment

A rather quiet announcement from the anim.o.v.e website has started that Nendoroid Lily has been decided!

The announcement states the Nendoroid version will come with her signature mic, as seen in her 1/8 scale counterpart, along with tentative names for the decided faceplates:

  • Calm Face
  • Singing Face
  • Honey Lily = Hari Face
More info to be released later on, and hopefully an official announcement by Mikatan herself sometime soon. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

DJ Hellcove Corner: TGIF and SELAMAT MALAM!

Hey Hey people whats up! Its time for another DJ Hellcove corner with selection of wondrous Vocaloid music, just for you >w<. Pretty sure everyone had an hectic weekdays with works, study, friends and what other shits...but thank God its Friday! So sit back and enjoy the songs.

But first here an eye candy~
Sena: I am Hatsune Niku~
Miku: And I am...Miku? XD

Alright, lets start with the first song shall we?

Let start with something slow, again, We have our diva, Miku Append singing the song 'Light in the Blooming Garden' (光の咲く庭で) composed by natsumeg. Enjoy~

Ah, nothing like a good slow music to cool of my days. Miku Append contain lot of good voicebanks so I sure hope more composer will be using her in their songs.

Alright second up we have, IA singing a cover of the song "Turn Me On" by David Guetta. It was mixed by one of my favorite non-Japanese composer, Circus-P/matt9five.

Hahaha, proper English is still way long for Vocaloid it seems, but the music is decent. Hopefully matt9five produced new song rather than just making covers. Been a while since Amai Kotoba.

Let have our songstress GUMI sing the third one shall we? I give you, Setsugetsuka (雪月花), songs made by devilish5150.

Yup, nothing wrong with good VocaRock once a while. Wait scratch that let keep on rocking!!

Alright folks, this is the last song, VY3 Lily is singing 'Leviathan', work of the team monaca:factory. As some of you might know, VY3 has been succesfully released yesterday on 19th of April. We from Vocaloidsync hope that composers will continue on working with her~

Well, thats all peeps. See you next week and Selamat Malam!!( >w<)~

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #237

Its time for another Weekly Ranking People~ were there any of your favorite song in there? Click read more to find out. BUT FIRST~ an eye candy!

Naho's Opening Statement:

Good evening everyone, it's time for this week's Voca-Ran.
It was a busy weekend, and hectic days are coming back. In these days leading up to Golden Week, maybe you are feeling a bit excited? If so, please watch the VocaRan and relax. The ranking is already heading towards the Golden Week war front at full speed and full of amazing songs.

Well, now lets watch the ranking from #30. Lets go!!

30 (7↓)          【初音ミク】不安定彼女【オリジナル曲PV】
29 (New!!) 【初音ミク】フラッシュバックアンビエンス【オリジナル】
28 (16↓)       【IA】想像フォレスト【オリジナルPV】
27 (21↓)       【初音ミク・巡音ルカ】リンちゃんなう!【鏡音生誕祭2011】
26 (48)     【初音ミク】 ムテキノヒーロー【オリジナルPV】
25 (6)       【V3Lily】Lying and Lying【デモソング】
24 (New!!) 【IA】22世紀からのハロー【らいだーP】
23 (24)     【GUMI】 イカサマライフゲイム 【オリジナル・PV付】
22 (New!!) 【GUMIpower】 幸福列車に乗ろう 【オリジナル】
21 (9)       【初音ミク】 Black Board 【オリジナル曲】
20 (3)       【鏡音レン】スーパーヒーロー【オリジナル曲PV】
19 (15)     『初音ミク』千本桜『オリジナル曲PV』
18 (40)            【蒼姫ラピス】 煙に巻けッ! 【オリジナル】
17 (New!!) 【ミクAPPENDsolid】インスタント・ヒーローズ【オリジナルPV】
16 (New!!)   これら6個の項目をごみ箱に移動しますか?/歌、鏡音リン
15 (--)       【iMaschine】iPhoneとVOCALOIDで遊んでみました
14 (26)     【GUMI・鏡音リン】 インビジブル 【オリジナル曲・PV付】
13 (4)       【初音ミク+IA】コノハの世界事情【オリジナルPV】
12 (2)       【鏡音リン・レン】イカサマ⇔カジノ【オリジナルPV】
11 (New!!) 【初音ミク】Hello_World 【オリジナル曲】

Pick Up (New!!)【幻想】華添え詩【初音ミクオリジナル】【PV】

10 (New!!) 【初音ミク】 絆創膏 【オリジナル】
9 (1)         【IA】日本橋高架下R計画【アニメーションMV】
8 (New!!)  【初音ミク】Leucocoryne【オリジナル】
7 (New!!)  【Mew】ステラ【オリジナル曲】
6 (New!!)    サイコロジック/164 feat.GUMI
5 (10)      【GUMI 】彩愛クレパス【オリジナルPV】
4 (New!!)  【初音ミクappend】 虹 【オリジナル曲】

This week in History
5 -  初音ミクオリジナル曲PV付き「butterfly paradox」
4 - 【初音ミクオリジナル】 P 名 言 っ て み ろ ! 【550人】
3 - 【初音ミク】ラストエフェクト【オリジナル】
2 - 【鏡音リン・初音ミク】ラストバトル【オリジナル曲PV】
1 - 【ミク・リン・ルカ・レン・レンAppend】「SPIRAL GAME」オリジナル曲

 (New!!) 『風待ちハローワールド』 : 初音ミク/add9(ヘリP)
2 (New!!) 君はいなせなガール/歌、IAとmiki
1 (New!!)【IA】六兆年と一夜物語【オリジナル曲・PV付】

Naho's Closing Statement:

That was this week #1! 

'VOCALOID 3 Library Lily' consist of two voicebank : the original VOCALOID02 re-released for V3 engine and another new voicebank specially recorded for V3. Scheduled to be released on 19 April via Internet.

Also, "NEXT HATSUNE MIKU-Project Diva-" has finally been announced and will be available on PS Vita and PS3. Demos will be playable during NicoNico Choukaigi, hold at the Makuhari Messe convention centre, at the SCE booth. It will be its world premiere!

Additionally there will be many activities during the Choukaigi, including Chou-Vom@s and live concerts, as well as itashas, cosplay and dance battles at other booth....In a sense, it can be called the 'Vocaloid Content Expo'.

Well then, the rest of the ranking from #31.

(Editor note [hellcove]: We will be not showing the ranking from #31 for now. Please go to our friend Vocaloidism for more info. Thanks and sorry.
Oh and lolz at Naho's pun on ACE')

Credit to Vocaloidism for some of the translation.