Saturday, April 5, 2014

VocaParty Interview vol.2 : Nio-P

It's been a long while since the first interview! Apologies for the late post! But here it is, the 2nd interview with the talented producer, Nio-P (におP)

Nio-P has been around for quite a long time as his first song was published in 2008 (from his Mylist). He gradually gained popularity as his songs presents stories about little things happening in our life which viewers are able to relate to. Here is one of his notable song, 「rain stops, good-bye」.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

HATSUNE Appearance『雪祭初音鑑』concert - live experience

[alex] Hi, I will be translating fellow MVP comrade's blog post regarding his experience at HATSUNE Appearance『雪祭初音鑑』concert in February 2014. You can read Ng's original post at his blog (link).

So, in commemoration with the 65th Sapporo Snow Festival (SnowFes) as well as the release of Snow Miku 2014, there were multiple concerts held from 5th to 11th of February, 2014. Collectively, these concerts are know as HATSUNE Appearance『雪祭初音鑑』.  These 57 concert sessions can be split into 2 different categories, namely 「White」and「Blue」. There are some differences between 「White」and「Blue」sessions. and the author was lucky to be able to catch both 「White」and「Blue」concert sessions on the 1st day of the HATSUNE Appearance『雪祭初音鑑』concert.

Image source (link)

The concert was held in タイムズステーションクラップスホール (KRAP HALL),which was about 750 meters from the main area of the Sapporo Snow Festival。The author estimates that this hall can fit about 200 audience.Once you enter the hall, you will see a huge screen. One issue to point out is that there was a lack of signboards to the concert hall except for an A4-sized flyer stuck onto a glass panel. The author was nearly late to the concert too! 

Regarding the song lists for the concert,it was written on the flyer that「White」was predominantly filled with ballads and blues where else「Blue」would focus on rock and metal songs。Sadly, attendees are forbidden to take photos inside the performance hall.
From the songlist, the author observed that 「Blue」concert session included the appearance of other Crypton Vocaloid characters while 「White」looked like a Miku solo performance concert。As for costumes, it was noted that Miku donned on the Snow Miku 2014 costume while performing to the last song for both sessions. 

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As expected, the greatest cheering from the audience came when the famous song 「千本桜 」 a.k.a. Senbonzakura  was played during both concert session。Though the author wonder why did the organizer choose 「白の季節」to be played as the last song for「White」concert session, right after 「千本桜 」? The audience was obviously on fever after Senbonzakura, but having 「白の季節」 played right after that made that fever died off because this song had a very strong, sad feeling to it. As a result, the audience from 「White」session were less cheerful and more quiet when they left the concert hall as compared to those that came out of 「Blue」 session.

During the first 「Blue」 session, the author was able to secure a seat near the middle section of the hall. and thus able to enjoy the concert from a closer point of view. However, being at the back seat during 「White」session was more enjoyable because he was able to better observe the lighting effect and also enjoy looking the bubbly foam that was released during the end of the concert! Chances are if you sat in the first row, you might get your body covered with the bubbly foam!

At the concert venue, there were multiple staff that were able to converse in Chinese and English,All the public service announcement for the concert was done in 3 languages: Japanese, English and Chinese. Japanese announcement was done by Fujita Saki, English version was done by Asakawa Yuu,but Ng wasn't sure who did the Chinese version. 

All concert attendee is given one limited version merchandise as souvenir. 「White」's souvenir is shown on the left. On the right is the souvenir from「Blue」's session.

There's a small booth outside the concert hall selling Snow Miku 2014 and HATSUNE Appearance『雪祭初音鑑』merchandise.

FINALLY... LET US ALL HAIL OUR GODDESS HATSUNE MIKU (albeit being in a cute Snow Miku 2014 ver.)~

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Event Report] Kz(livetune) Panel Session on Day 2 on Comic Fiesta 2013.

The year 2013 has many things happening, whether good or bad. For Malaysia Vocaloid fans, 2013 drew it curtain finely with the arrival of a veteran from the Vocaloid community. M.V.P was really excited, albeit was informed quite late, but was happy nonetheless when kz(livetune) came to our largest convention yet, Comic Fiesta 2013 not to only as appearance but giving the fans what we always want.....a exhilarating DJ session at the end of the event.
This article will feature the kz's panel session that take place on Day 2 of Comic Fiesta. Please, do have a read.
Kz(livetune) during his DJ Live Performance