Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Event Report] Kz(livetune) Panel Session on Day 2 on Comic Fiesta 2013.

The year 2013 has many things happening, whether good or bad. For Malaysia Vocaloid fans, 2013 drew it curtain finely with the arrival of a veteran from the Vocaloid community. M.V.P was really excited, albeit was informed quite late, but was happy nonetheless when kz(livetune) came to our largest convention yet, Comic Fiesta 2013 not to only as appearance but giving the fans what we always want.....a exhilarating DJ session at the end of the event.
This article will feature the kz's panel session that take place on Day 2 of Comic Fiesta. Please, do have a read.
Kz(livetune) during his DJ Live Performance