Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[Song Highlight] Vocaloid Ten - Phantom Thief F's Scenario ~Mystery of the Missing Diamond~

The duo, Hitoshizuku and Yama△ once again is back, bringing along another story-driven song to the Vocaloid fans.
A song of fantastic mystery involving the Diamond and the Phantom Thief F.

Are you ready?

Click for more details and translation as provided by vgperson.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[Product] Mitchie M's "Greatest Idol" PV: Cutest PV video ever?

It is only one day left before the official release of Mitchie M's first major album, entitled Greatest Idol, in Japan on November 6, 2013. While being physically there, queuing up for the album outside the store is put of the question, fans overseas can still purchase the album, both Regular and Limited edition as described in previous article.

Take a look at this roughly six-minute-long promo video for the album, which I would say has some of the cutest video and cross-fade transitions in a trailer, ever.
So have you pre-ordered one? :3