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About M.V.P.
Funny world this is
Some people bashed Vocaloids for being "not real"
yet there are people who climbed to fame with Vocaloids
With this blog
we hope to promote the understanding and fandom
for a very unique category of songs

About the Authors

はじめまして!私はジェハンです!(Nice to meet you! I'm JHan!)

I wouldn't go so far to say I'm an anime maniac, much less an otaku, since I watch only very specific anime titles, and know general bits and pieces about most season's hot animes. But I can say that I'm an avid fan of VOCALOID, having been drawn into the phenomenon since late 2008, when VOCALOID was still relatively unknown. How do I enjoy VOCALOID, one may ask? Well the answer would be, of course, VOCALOID songs, going through my favourite producers (samfree!) song lists, artwork from Pixiv and Piapro, and figurines!

As a poster for this blog, I'll do my best to cover tidbits such as VOCALOID news, songs by notable producers, albums, figurines, and also the Weekly VocaRan from time to time. Do give feedback to this humble, inexperienced blogger! よろしくお願いします!!

was brought up as a local ACG fan
currently pursuing cosplay as a hobby
happened to stumble upon the Vocaloid phenomenon in 2008
and thus became a die-hard fan since then
doesnt favour any pairing of Vocaloid characters coz'
Vocaloids belong to all!

"Vocaloid music is my fuel for life!"

Reigan Eventine
Hi! Reigan here, writing a short biography. I'm actually an anime & manga maniac besides being a VOCALOID maniac. I started to really know about Vocaloid in the year 2009. Back then VOCALOID was my little secret thing that no one knows about, gradually things began to change and VOCALOID has made a great impact to the world and I've been a huge fan of VOCALOID since then. I hope to bring the latest news and introduce great songs to everyone! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

I have a personal blog too at http://reiganeventine.blogspot.com/ and for more updates, follow me on Twitter

About Hellcove

Sorry just kidding. Got introduced of the old 'legend' by friends and the guy kinda stuck in the back of your head (Who wouldn't?). Anyway Hellcove here. Long story short like all the awesome people, I too love Vocaloids and have been following their progress since the very beginning. A self-proclaimed Vocalomaniac and proud owner of few Vocaloid merchandise, I shall try to out-best my colleague in writing wonderful articles and try to infect and spread the Vocaloid Fandom Virus to the whole world. Yourshiku Onegaishimasu and..... GUTEN MORGEN!!!

I dont know why I said that.

About Lerorin
Ola! Lerorin here, talking about Vocaloid I am one of the few who knew about it around 2007 when Crypton release Hatsune Miku to japan and thanks to ryo for making me a vocaloid fan with his hit song "Melt". Rather than said I am a vocaloid maniac, I prefer to use the term fan since it doesn't sounds like I am a crazy person. I am most probably won't be around to post since most of them know what to post and am probably posting more on supercell songs and other stuff. That is all and nice to meet you all.

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