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VOCALOID Producer Interview, Rerulili and Noushou Sakuretsu Girl.

Hello, this will be my second time translating an interview, if you see any mistakes please do let me know! I'm still very bad at Japanese so please be kind to me QwQ.

Original Article from Mynavi :

Popular Vocaloid producer「Rerulilli」and how Noushou Sakuretsu Girl came about, and his journey to NicoNicoChou party II.


Rerulili released both CD and DVD of Noushou Sakuretsu Girl during 13/3/2013. He is also known by his producer name 「Toushahi-P」. His first original work was 「Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora」, and this song achieved #102 in the weekly rankings, and after 5 days it has over 100,000 views. He is invited to be one of the special guests during the last day of NicoNicoChou Party II.

A song which was uploaded to NicoNico Douga during October 2012, in a short span of 5 months, total views of 1.5 million reached, and that song's name is, Noushou Sakuretsu Girl.

An up-tempo melody, followed with fast-paced lyrics, accompanied with funny, random and memorable phrases in the lyrics such as 「Doudemo ii kedo Macaroon tabetai!」(Whatever I just wanna eat macaroons!). The composer of this song is none other than Rerulili, or his producer name, Toushahi-P.

「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」was composed based on the recent trends in NicoNicoDouga.

Editor : Noushou Sakuretsu Girl is really a huge hit. Just a short 5 months and it has garnered 1.5 milion views, please let us know your thoughts about it.

Rerulili : Before releasing this song, I believed my notable song was 「Mr. Music」. I received lots of reactions from that song, but in this recent hit song, it's really different from what I expected.

Editor : And what do you mean by that?

Rerulili : As time goes by when you did not upload any hit songs, you'll gradually get forgotten, but somehow, once I uploaded this song during October, it has stayed in the charts within 25th place for the next few weeks/months. That surprised me a lot.

Editor : Is that due to all the 「Utattemita」(Covers) and「Odottemita」(Dance choreographies)?

Rerulili : It did play a role in making the song popular. But other than that, there's something called 「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl o Minagittemita」(To go crazy at Noushou Sakuretsu Girl), it means to match the rhythm of the song and go crazy at it (laughs). I got quite a shock when I first saw that video. There seems to be people who got the same reaction as I did, and from that onwards there's a lot of videos which is a tribute to this song, and all these has never happened before (for me).

Editor : That certainly isn't something you'd expect (laughs). Well,「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」has a very different music style than all of your previous works. Previously, you've always had the image of a pops and ballad composer, this song is definitely a huge challenge as it completely differs from any of your previous works.

Rerulili : It is true, I enjoy writing pop and ballad songs as I enjoy listening to them myself. However, I've come to realize that, continuing that path will not make me progress further. And therefore I started to catch up on the top songs in the rankings, I noticed that the recent top songs are all fast-paced and are more towards rock genre. No doubt, it's a genre that I'm not familiar with. And as a creator, if I can't indulge in something that's a hot trend now, it means my career as a creator is coming to an end. I did not want that to happen, and thus, I decided to understand the recent teenager's tastes in music, and tried to write something different, and that was how 「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」came about.

Editor : So that means, you wrote that song based on the current trends of NicoNico Douga?

Rerulili : You can say that, I had the image of NicoNico Douga in my mind, and tried to fully portray it in my song.

Editor : If NicoNico Douga does not exist, so does 「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」?

Rerulili : Probably yes.

Editor : What do you think about everyone's reaction towards 「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」?

Rerulili : It's a real shock to me one after another. First of all, it's such a fast song, and yet everyone still made covers of the song.

Editor : That's definitely a trait of the 「Utattemita」community. They tend to challenge themselves with the impossible.

Rerulili : Regarding the unique lyrics, I wrote in a way so that everyone is free to interpret it as they like. Actually, I did not put in much thought into the lyrics. Previously, my songs are more towards relaying messages or having deep meanings to it, and it makes the listeners go "Oh, so this is what you're trying to relay". For a change, I wanted to go the opposite way - having the listeners interpret the song instead. I wrote the lyrics by emphasizing on matching the sounds of the song, while matching meaningless words like puzzle pieces together. As I did that, I received odd comments such as "Aren't you criticizing AKB48?", when I did not even have that thought in my mind at all.

Editor : Having listeners to debate about their theories regarding this song is also one way to keep the song a hot topic.

Rerulili : Oh and also, I purposely made breaks in between the song. At first I thought it would make the song bland, but instead, the listeners inserted "Neta" (Funny contents) in those breaks, and that made me really happy.

The song which broke 1.5 million views 
in just 5 months, an amazing achievement for Rerulili.

My musical root started from my mother's classical guitar.

Editor : That being said, Rerulili has lots of musical knowledge. I wonder what sparked you to indulge in music.

Rerulili : When I was in junior high, my mother played the guitar as a hobby. I borrowed it and started to play it, and that was how I encountered music. I had a lot of fun playing the guitar, and I continued on in high school. During that period, I was hooked on to black music, not referring to western music, but music such as Yamazaki Masayoshi's or Suga Shikao's, even though it's still J-POP, but I was deeply touched by musicians which has black music roots, and so I listened to a lot of it.

Editor : Were you in a band or a music club?

Rerulili : I wanted to enter a light-music club in my high school, but apparently there's no such club, but only a  small gathering of people who share the same interest as me. As I applied to be a member, I realized that the club is not as what I thought, they were not taking music seriously. I wanted to be more serious in it, I wanted to have a proper youth! (laughs). I became the president when I was in my 2nd year, and I had the club promoted to a real, proper club of the school. But still, there's only me in the club who can actually teach music, I ended up teaching music to a lot of new recruits.

Editor : Do you play anything besides the guitar?

Rerulili : Sometimes I take out the drum set from the club and play it, I do play bass guitar and electric guitar too.

Editor : It sounds easy for you, but you are really talented...

Rerulili : But at that point, I did not have the thought of becoming a professional. Every guy's dream of that age is to impress the ladies! I get the chance to teach the girls in the school, get to chat around with them, and I had a lot of fun back then (laughs).

Editor : What did you do after you graduated from high school?

Rerulili : I seriously had the thought of getting employed, and so I took a look at chef school. At that moment, I entered a band out of interests only, I thought I could get scouted while I was working in an office, and if that really happens, I'll quit my job and focus on music entirely!

Editor : And after that, what made you started on Vocaloid?

Rerulili : When I was in a band, I enjoyed writing songs, however the vocalist didn't really sang the songs I wrote. So despite the band disbanded, I did not have enough of music, I wanted to do more. And it was at that time, I knew the existence of Vocaloid from NicoNicoDouga, and I thought that it's interesting to have Hatsune Miku singing the songs I wrote.

I want to deliver 「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」in a total different arrangement that would make the crowd go "What's this song!?" in NicoNicoChou Party II

Editor : And with that you wrote your first Vocaloid song「Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora」. As your first upload, any comments about it?

Rerulili : Despite being my first upload, it suddenly hit 1st place in the rankings and about the 5th day, it achieved 100,000 views! In the Vocaloid community, 100,000 views has a special term for it called 「Dendouiri」, at that point I did not know the significance of it. But after I attended a Vocaloid event named Vocaloid M@ster, I wore my name tag and people started to recognize me and started talking to me, it was only then and there I realized how much of an impact I made, and it is considered as an amazing achievement.

Editor : I see, how did you feel when you first made Hatsune Miku sang a tune?

Rerulili : My first response was "What is this?!" (laughs). Vocaloid is such a unique software, it's very hard to use. But slowly I started to grasp the gist of it, I tried to make her sing by imagining my dream vocalist singing. Among Vocaloid producers, there are people who thinks that vocal inputs are troublesome, but for me, it's one of the enjoyable parts of composing a song.

Editor : Rerulili received praises such as「Kami Choukyo」(Godly tuning)  ever since your first song.

Rerulili : But I did not tamper with the vocaloid parameters at all. This is a bit technical, but here's how it goes. Usually when dealing with vocals, you'd compress the vocals with a compressor, equalize the dynamics and then increase the overall volume of the vocals. Usually noise would appear, but for Vocaloids this is not the case, there will be no noise at all, and with that you can add various effects that you like. Most people mentioned that Vocaloids have bad pronunciation habits, but that's not entirely true, once you max the level of compressor, the vocals can be made out clearly. Vocaloids have endless potential so I hope that people will make use of this chance to make interesting music.

Editor : There has been an increase of Vocaloids as of late, any new Vocaloids that piqued your interest?

Rerulili : I did use some of the new Vocaloids, but I still prefer Hatsune Miku. My next choice would be Gumi. Personally, I still haven't found any new Vocaloid that can outdo the both of them.

Editor : You also do live broadcasts once in a while, such as showing the progress of your song compositions.

Rerulili : Once I became a premium member of NicoNico Douga, I had this thought "let's try it, since I have a chance to", I took it light-heartily. I was really nervous about showing my working environment and was worried that I'd lose my concentration because of the viewers, well, it might be weird coming from me but, I wanted the listeners to know more about me (laughs). I started answering questions coming from listeners such as my music equipment, I believe it benefits both me and the viewers.

Editor : And with that, you took the chance with 「Noushou Sakuretsu Girl」, and was invited as a guest for NicoNicoChou Party II, what kind of performance do you wish to deliver to everyone?

Rerulili : So far my biggest live gig in a live house  was only 100 people, and to add that I haven't performed in a live for more than 1 year, and suddenly I'm about to perform in front of 8,000 people in a huge hall, for a second I was worried what should I do (laughs). But it's rare chance to be able to perform in front of such a huge crowd, I want to do something different. Just performing as usual on stage would make no difference than watching NicoNico Douga, since it's a live, I want to wow people with different arrangements of my songs. I want to perform my best for the attendees, and also the people who bought the net tickets, I want to enjoy the concert together with them.

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