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Vocaloid Products from July-October 2013: More Damage to Wallet-kun

Albums, figures and goodies.
Being in the Vocaloid fandom really put your financial status in dilemma, but hey.
You gotta collect them all, no? Let brace ourselves for another products updates that will eventually hurt our wallet.

Brace yourself. Vocaloid Goods are coming.


Setsuna Code by Last Note

It was stated by EXIT TUNES that it was first Last Note’s major album debut, though if I seems to remember he did release ‘first trip’ album few months back. I guess this is probably the first album that Last Note which is under EXIT TUNES brand, as tracks from his previous album like Osanana Blue is also included. Come with 16 tracks, the album will be released on 21th August for about 2000yen/RM65. The album will also come with first edition bonus including one out of six rubber straps for smartphones illustrated by non and a poster. It is already up for PO in Amazon and CDJapanHere is the confirmed tracklist.

1.            "セツナトリップ" (Setsuna Trip / A Momentary Trip)               GUMI
2.            "放課後ストライド" (Houkago Stride / Afterschool Stride)    GUMI
3.            "恋愛勇者" (Renai Yuusha / Love Hero)              GUMI
4.            "無気力クーデター" (Mukiryoku Coup d'État / A Lethargic Coup d'État)           GUMI
5.            "少女暴動" (Shojo Boudou / Girl's Rebellion)   GUMI
6.            "ノイジーラバーソウル" (Noisy Lover's Soul)             GUMI
7.            "キャラメルヘヴン" (Caramel Heaven)           GUMI
8.            "アカツキアライヴァル" (Akatsuki Arrival / Arrival of Dawn)               Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
9.            "ルートスフィア" (Route Sphere)     GUMI
10.          "ハローラフター" (Hello Laughter)    Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, GUMI, Lily, IA
11.          "ファンタジースター" (Fantasy Star)              GUMI
12.          "オサナナブルー" (Osanana Blue / Childhood Blue)   GUMI
13.          "月光戦争" (Gekkou Sensou / Moonlight War)               Kagamine Rin
14.          "ハッピーチューン" (Happy Tune)    Hatsune Miku
15.          "デッドラインサーカス" (Dead Line Circus)                GUMI, Kagamine Len, Kamui Gakupo
16.          "有頂天ビバーチェ" (Uchouten Vivace / Ecstatic Vivace)        GUMI

Warufuzake by UtsuP

UtsuP has several album debuts in VOMAS, but this is his first major album debut. The producer is famous with his metal style depicting Miku, with recently adding Rin and GUMI as voice for his music style involving screamo and heavy bass line. The album will have 12 confirmed tracks which includes some new tracks such as the recently uploaded ‘Ghost under the umbrella’ sung by GUMI. No known bonus goodies yet, but the album cover is illustrated by Yuzuri Namaki. If you a fan of One OK Rock, you might be familiar with that name. Slated for released on 7th August , the album is up for PO in Amazon, CDJapan and AmiAmi. Here is the full track list:

1.            "ニャン黙の了解" (Nyan Shijima no Ryoukai / The Understanding of Nyan Silence)   
2.            "馬鹿はアノマリーに憧れる" (Baka wa Anomaly no Akogareru / The Idiot admires Anomaly)            Kagamine Rin
3.            "害虫" (Gaichuu / Parasite)       Hatsune Miku
4.            "Ghost under the Umbrella"      Gumi
5.            "" (E)              
6.            "コロナ" (Korona)        Kagamine Rin
7.            "オトナのオモチャ" (Otona no Omocha / Adult's Toy)             Kagamine Rin
8.            "B-CLASS HEROES"         Hatsune Miku
9.            "看板娘の悪巫山戯" (Kanbanmusume no Warufuzake / The Pretty Girl's Prank)         
10.          "Attack!!" (Mukuro Attack!! / Corpse Attack!!)          Hatsune Miku
11.          "風邪" (Kaze / Cold)    
12.          "THE DYING MESSAGE"                Kagamine Rin

ViViD Wave by HachioujiP

The 8th Price is back with another debut album. He already uploaded some of the songs PV in NicoNico Douga, collaborating once again with Dir-Wakamura for the awesome music video using Lat Miku. The album comes with two releases, Regular and Limited Version. The latter come with four bonus music PV, featuring his latest works such as GAME OVER, Dream Creator, fake doll and HORIZON.  Priced at roughly RM70 and RM90 respectively,both editions were already released on 17th July but you can still order them from CDJapan, with 7 more units for Limited Edition one. AmiAmi also has back-ordering service. Here is the track list:

1.            MONOCHROME
2.            GAME OVER feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P              
3.            fake doll feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P      
4.            take it easy feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P
5.            エレクトリック・マジック feat.鏡音リン・鏡音レン/ 八王子P            
6.            Dream Creator feat.GUMI/ 八王子P  
7.            PARTY KiLLER feat.巡音ルカ/ 八王子P            
8.            TRAP × TRAP feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P             
9.            Little Summer of Love feat.GUMI/ 八王子P    
10.          IZAYOI feat.IA/ 八王子P          
11.          SECRET GiRL feat.巡音ルカ/ 八王子P              
12.          フカヨミ feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P  
13.          HORIZON feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P    
14.          ViViD WAVE feat.初音ミク/ 八王子P              

MikXperience e.p. [Limited Release]

If you still remember, VocaParty cover an article (GJ Reigan-sensei) regarding a mysterious site called dx39. Turn out it is an site for collaboration between g Crypton, DOCOMO (Japanese main mobile operator) and Sony Communications where they announced a special Miku mod for upcoming Xperia Z Ultra with only 39,000 units available. A limited release concept CD album with 6 music tracks that come with 40pages booklet will be released on 28th August in conjunction with the project. What of interest is that the music will be produced by some big and talented names such as livetune, PinokioP, Kikuo, EnbanP, Lemn and tilt-6. The album is up for grab in CDJapan, with limited number of stocks for only roughly RM60. Here is the track-list:

1. "Opening-Hatsune Calling-" / disk P
2. "Overwriter" / tilt-six
3. "I put a dream in technology" / Kikuo
4. "Yuefuo lonely" / Pinocchio P
5. "Packaged (Shipping in 2013 remix)" / livetune
6. "Ending-Weaving Lines-" / Lemm


Miku figma 2.0

GSC and Max Factory decided that their #200 figma will be Hatsune Miku default, as revealed during last WonFest. It’s not a re-release, but rather a ‘reborn’  version with some changes being made. It was designed with new figma joints which allow more different pose than the previous ones. She comes with an adorable smiling expression, an embarrassed expression and a singing expression with a playful wink. Mic stand, a guitar and even a pair of angelic wings are included as optional parts. Slated for release in late October, the figma is already up for PO in AmiAmi and GSC Official Site for at least RM100. Also if you order them specifically from GSC, you will get a checkered patternstage as bonus. Check mikatan-sensei blog for more photos.

MIKU-Pack magazines: 02 edition.

This magazine has selling point of including various goodies with a theme CD featuring work by famous composers such as OSTER and Nem. Up till now, 3 volumes starting with Edition 00 has been released. To summarize, it’s a magazine that cover up and include all news and illustrations of Hatsune Miku. However news of composers, events and artworks of other Vocaloids are also included as well. For 02, it come with a theme music CD titled ‘Natsu-Fuku’, including songs produced by noa, HarryP, Nem, Ou, and Tenioha. A lovely clear of Miku is also included. It is priced around 980yen and can be ordered from CDJapan (they still have stock) and AmiAmi. Kinokuniya in KLCC can also help you PO the book with total around RM69 including shipping. 03 edition is also announced released for September month. For more information on 02 edition, a MVP member reviewed the magazine in hersite, please do have a check.

How much damage has been done to your wallet-kun?
See you on the next update~

P.S: As usual, I [hellcove] provide service to PO all this products. Give me a PM in the FB page if you require my service.

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