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[Products] End of Year Product Updates. Major DAMAGE incoming!! Part 1

It's that time again.
Wallet-kun, prepare yourself. This is gonna get rough.

Further updates and products when you clicked the Read More.

P.S: Since there is a lot of albums and product coming in, I will divide the article by two parts.


Greatest Idol by MitchieM. 

Crossfade: Youtube 

Famous for his work 'Freely Tomorrow' and 'Ai Dee', MitchieM is a composer who are known for his ability to produce human-like Miku style of singing. This composer gained recognition fast and finally grace us with his first major album debut. Entitled "Greatest Idol", the album contain 13 tracks which include his new uploaded song for Project Mirai 2, Age Age Again. The album has two edition, "Regular" and "Limited" in which both of them contain a DVD with Region 2 code. The "Limited" one will have a deluxe limited LP, booklet and 3 more extra MV in the bonus DVD compared to in the "Regular Edition". Jacket illustrated by Hiroyuki Sadamato (Evangelion), the album will be released on 6th of November 2013. It is already up for pre-order in Amazon and CDJapan. Here is the full track-list for both "Regular" and "Limited" edition.

CD Track List.
2. Ageage Again
3. Ai Dee
4. Viva Happy
5. Bye Bye Blue Memory*
6. Aizu*
7. Eazy Dance
8. Sorrow is like affection*
9. Tanki Nonki Danshi
10. Blooming The Idol
11. Believe (ver.HD)
12. City Boy
13. Birthday Song for Miku
*new song

DVD Track list (Limited Edition)

1. FREELY TOMORROW (MV by yama_ko)
2. Eazy Dance (MV by Raiku-P)
3. Ai Dee (MV by yama_ko)
4. Blooming The Idol (MV by G_tama)
5. Birthday Song for Miku (MV by llcheesell)
6. Viva Happy (MV by court & TOHORU MiTSUHASHi)
7. Ageage Again (MV by TOHORU MiTSUHASHi)
8. FREELY TOMORROW (Project DIVA ver.) (MV by SEGA)

DVD Track list (Regular Edition)

1. Ai Dee (MV by yama_ko)
2. Birthday Song for Miku (MV by llcheesell)
3. Blooming The Idol (MV by G_tama)
4. Viva Happy (MV by court & TOHORU MiTSUHASHi)
5. Ageage Again (MV by TOHORU MiTSUHASHi)

Drama feat Hatsune Miku, GUMI by BuzzG.

Cross-fade:  Nico

buzzG is back with a major album release entitled "Drama", set for release on 4th December 2013 under EXIT TUNES as publisher.  The jacket illustration will be done by toi8, and Fukamachi Naka for the tokuten-related art. The album promise with 6 choice of straps as extra goodies. Watch the cross-fade for some 'dawww' moment between the composer and Miku/GUMI. Album is now up for pre-order at Amazon and CDJapan. More details on the album's website.

Track List
  1. Shiwa(refine) / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  2. Merry to Nicolaus / buzzG feat. Hatsune Miku
  3. Eye Sensor(refine) / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  4. World Lampshade / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  5. Marshall no Kyousei / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  6. Lambda / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  7. A.I.210 / buzzG feat. Hatsune Miku
  8. Lingerie Thief / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  9. Teru Teru Bouzu(refine) / buzzG feat. Hatsune Miku
  10. Prodigy no Yuushuu / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  11. Orion no Yume / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  12. Izayoi Soshi / buzzG feat. Hatsune Miku
  13. Disel no Houkou / buzzG feat. GUMI 
  14. Hikari no Yukue / buzzG feat. GUMI


Promotional MMD-PV: Youtube

With regard to IA x SuperGT collaboration, a compilation album to commemorate 20th SuperGT anniversary will be released on 30th October 2013. The album has two edition, Regular and Limited, where both came with a music video DVD. The limited version will grant fans with more extra goodies such as 100-page booklet, gatefold box and limited goods in form of B5 clear file. Quite a number of famous composers was involved such as Jin, ASY, Yuyoyuppe, Nanahoshi, Lefty-Monster P, Teddyloid, baker and many more. So far only the MMD-PV by ASY called SEE THE LIGHT has been revealed while others remains a secret. The album is already up for preorder in Amazon, CD-Japan and Rakuten. Here is the album's website for more information.

Salutations and Sayonara feat HIO by EmpathP

Also known as AkiGlancy, this English composer from Virginia is releasing an album featuring the bilingual Sweedish V3 generation, YOHIOloid. The album is available in either digital form or physical form, where the latter can be shipped worldwide. The physical album also come in slimline jewelbox with 4 panel booklet containing lyrics. More information and pre-ordering the album can be done on this website. As a support, one could buy the digital download for USD8 or just listen to the tracks provided, albeit lower audio quality. Here are the track-list for the album:

1.  Sunflowers in Your Eyes 
2.  NeapolitaN -piano arrange- 
3.  ORANGE LINE -piano arrange- 
4.  GUMI - Walk without you -piano arrange- 
5.  Rose + Thorn -piano arrange- 
7.  Sunflowers in Your Eyes -instrumental- 
8.  NeapolitaN -instrumental- 
9.  ORANGE LINE -instrumental- 
10. Walk without you -instrumental- 
11. Rose + Thorn -instrumental- 

High Gain Street feat GUMI by DevilishP

DevilishP, who is known for his guitar technique and rock songs will release a second major Vocaloid album featuring GUMI on 6th November 2013.  It contains GUMI versions of old favorites with new arrangements and live drums, guitar interludes and a number of new songs such as the recently uploaded Kung-Fu featuring GUMI. The album will also collaborate with another composer Junky, the creator of hits such as "Melancholic" and "Sweets Magic". Jacket and album art is done by Tomio Kajiro. No information on first limited edition goodies revealed yet, but the album is already up for pre-order in Amazon and CD-Japan. Here are the track-list so far:

  1. High Gain Street(guitar instrumental)
  2. 夢幻/ Mugen(HGS edition)
  3. Mr. Melancholy(new song)
  4. Holography(HGS edition)
  5. inside Darkness(new song)
  6. twitter(HGS edition)
  7. Pop'n Girl @ communication DevilishP x Junky
  8. Kung-fu(new song)
  9. Daybreak(new song)
  10. Unlucky Pierrot(new song)
  11. Spiral(new song)
  12. 天上天下/ Tenjou Tenge(HGS edition)
  13. 想イ出カケラ/ Sou i de kakera(HGS edition)
  14. 5150(HGS edition)
  15. Delight(new song)

Arutawa Setsuna Pop by PowaPowaP

Crossfade: NicoNico

This a 2nd major album debut by composer PowaPowaP, or real name Shiina Mota under the label GINGA. The music is remastered by Masuko Tatsuki and is already released on 9th October 2013. The album come in two version, "Regular" and "Limited" where the latter would provide fan with an extra DVD, slipcase and in CD-Japan case, stickers. The album can also be bought from Amazon. More information can be found in PowaPowaP's website and here is the track-list:

1. ピッコーン! !
3. パレットには君がいっぱい
4. Q
5. ウソナキツクリワライ
6. forgot me not
7. シティライツ
8. Halo
9. ツギハギ
10. 嘘ップ


After recently graced by Ai Kotoba II, we fans are once more greeted with wonderful news of a compilation album release by DECO*27. Entitled "DECO * 27 VOCALOID COLLECTION 2008 ~ 2012", it was slated for release on 18th December 2013.  The album will come in three version, where two officially distributed by stores are the "Regular" and "Limited", where the latter has 40 pages of special booklets, 2 CD with 1 DVD containing music video and digipak in gatefold sleeve case. Aside then the two officially distributed albums, another edition called "The Thank You from Here On Out" that can cost you up to whooping 5500yen, equivalent to RM180. Pricey as it may, this set promised a set of more wonderful goodies where it contain 2 Blu-Ray instead normal CD, Hatsune Miku stickers set, an autographed card by DECO*27 himself and a special limited edition Candy Pop mask. This edition can be only ordered from DECO*27 site apparently and only up for pre-order until 31st October. More information regarding the 3rd edition can be found in his website. The blu-ray disc is rumored to have all DECO*27's songs, making a total of 47 tracks. No information regarding the full track-list yet, but the "Limited" album is already up for pre-order in both Amazon and CDJapan.

Phew~ that is all for Part 1. So many Vocaloid goodies to cover up. Look forward to it :>

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