Saturday, April 5, 2014

VocaParty Interview vol.2 : Nio-P

It's been a long while since the first interview! Apologies for the late post! But here it is, the 2nd interview with the talented producer, Nio-P (におP)

Nio-P has been around for quite a long time as his first song was published in 2008 (from his Mylist). He gradually gained popularity as his songs presents stories about little things happening in our life which viewers are able to relate to. Here is one of his notable song, 「rain stops, good-bye」.

When did you start to learn music?
Nio-P - I started music when I was 5 years old, and I started composing when I was 15.

Who was your first VOCALOID?
Nio-P - Hatsune Miku

How did you discover the VOCALOIDs?
Nio-P - From browsing NicoNicoDouga videos...I think.

Do you play any instruments?
Nio-P - Only the piano.

Who's your favourite VOCALOID?
Nio-P - Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len

Do you have any musicians whom you look up to?
Nio-P -Tomita Lab

Tomita Lab is a Japanese composer who mostly produces ballad songs, jazz and rock etc. For more information about Tomita Lab do check out his official website
Which genre of music do you mostly compose?
Nio-P - I suppose soothing pop songs are my forte.

Do you have any genres you wish to try in the near future?
Nio-P - R&B

Can you tell me what equipment are you using currently?
Nio-P - OS : Win 7
DAW : Sonar
Interface : FireFace UC (RME)
Synthesizer : JUNO G (Roland)
Sounds/Samplers : Kontakt, RIG, Prominy SC, Addictive Keys, Addictive Drums and others

Nio-P's notable songs are definitely 「rain stops, good-bye」and「Boku wa Haineko」, congratulations on achieving more than 100,000 views on NicoNicoDouga! How did you feel when you saw the numbers growing?
Nio-P - Thank you. I thought that I would just be content with the song as it is, but having the song heard by many people makes me feel very happy too.

Your songs' lyrics are always a great hit among your listeners. How do you write your lyrics? Are they mostly from imagination or from your personal experiences?
Nio-P - For me I pick the littlest things in life and expand it into a story. I rarely base my personal experiences to write lyrics.

How long does it take usually from the song composition, to uploading the work onto NicoNicoDouga?
Nio-P - It depends. Sometimes it only takes 3 days and sometimes it takes 1 year.

Among your works, which is your favourite?
Nio-P - Currently, my favourite work would be 「Saisei」.

We look forward to your future works. Do you have any words for your fans here?
Nio-P - Thank you for your support. I will work even harder from now on to produce better works.


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