Sunday, January 29, 2012

Potential Newcomer: IA

Before I go on rambling about the advent of this new Vocaloid, here a vid to show you why IA released is much anticipated?

Right? Right? Show this video to anyone, even a Vocaloid fan and you will find the person will be dropping jaw when you told the voice is by a software. Released on 27th January 2012, IA is not only anticipated because of the numerous awesome demo before her official release, but also because her voice bank is provided by Lia. The singer is famous for her song 'Tori no Uta' (which is the song used as the first demo), an opening song for the visual novel 'Air'.

FanArt by Ritoko
IA, or her full title IA-Aria of the Planetes, is a YAMAHA vocaloid, an interesting switch as they are pretty stubborn with the idea of 'a voice does not need a face thing' with Mizki VY1 and VY2. Her character is designed by illustrator Aka Akasaka. With cute wardrobe design and awesome demo, she is clearly grabbing attention from various fans. Moreover its not a fake demo unlike you know who. Her strength is in her light toned and clear voice ultimately, but like many Vocaloid, IA's still need much improvement but not as bad as it sound.

Well, as the famous saying, less talking more listening, let us proceed on recent IA songs since her release shall we?

Hellcove OUT!!

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