Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Are You Ready For 39?

It has been another year passed since last time it been held in Tokyo, and now here we are again, to celebrate one of the important Vocaloid event annually. This year it would be special as we will not only be having one, but two concert for two days straight. So people, ARE YOU READY FOR MIKUPA and 39's GIVING DAY 2012?!!

Sega is collaborating with MAGES(5pb) to bring this event to Tokyo City Dome Hall on 3/8 and 3/9. There will also be an afternoon concert and an evening concert on both days. The first day (3/8) will be a Miku’s Live Party (MikuPa) 2012 live show, while the second day (3/9) is Miku’s (Thanks)Giving Day. Pretty sure most of you would not have the chance to attend the concert personally, but do not fret. There is live stream from both NicoNico Douga and Nico English. Tickets cost around 40USD for both concert and honestly depending on the FOREX now, English is cheaper but the Japan one has more reliability in my personal opinion. So choos
e whatever best for you.

Here the details for the time of the stream:

  • March 8th - MikuPa 2012, starts at 7pm JST, ends approx 9-9.30pm
  • March 9th - Miku no Hi Daikanshasai Concert, starts at 7pm JST, ends approx 9-9.30 local time
Oh, JST is Japan Time anyway.

Another important thing to take note is that, this time they are bringing some of the famous Vocaloid composers back as special guest and maybe even re-enacting the phenomenal 3
9;s Gving Day 2009. Here are the list of Vocaloid Producers that are confirmed coming:

MikuPa (8/3)
  • -Agoaniki
  • -OSTER
  • -TokuP
  • -buzzG
  • -RamazuP (LamazeP)

  • Daikanshasai (9/3)
  • -OSTER
  • -samfree
  • -DECO*27
  • -TokuP
  • -North T
  • -BoukariodoP(noa)
  • -LamazeP
SEGA also has try to keep on the hype by releasing the preview of merchandises that are going to be sold on both days. While we could not be there to horde the goodies, at least our eyes would be satisfied and some of the merchandise give some interesting premonition.

T-Shirt Black and White

3-Clear Files Folder (notice the first one, do you have any interesting premonition right now?)
Light Stick Set with Postcard (again, notice the postcard)

So do you get it? The premonition I meant. I bet my dollars that MEIKO and KAITO will be finally be performing on this concert. Its the last concert for 39's Team and SEGA thus I do believe they going to plan something extravaganza. I dont know, perhaps Alice in Musicland?? Would be awesome if it will be like that.

More goods can be viewed here.

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