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Countdown to the Virtual Diva 5th Anniversary

It has been almost 5 years. Almost 5 years of fond memories and colorful turn of events. And now we are counting the days where we will celebrate our dearest virtual diva 5th Anniversary on August. Plans and stuff has been going on in conjunction on the event as we speak. Before we go through each one, how about an eye candy to go, shall we?

PS: To those who is not Malaysian, Miku's birthday is also Malaysia Independence Day so.......Miku For President? LOLZ

Ahhh, Miku you are so angelic...... ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ 


Well, let start with the most obvious one shall we? Its the Hatsune Miku Project Diva- f (or PDf for short) of course. The game is slated for August release on the 30th for Playstation Vita which is one day away from her birthday, while PS3 users have to wait early next year for the console version. For her birthday, SEGA and Sony collaborate to release a limited edition of the PDf PS Vita bundle pack, where the PSVita Crystal come with special design on its back touch screen panel, a special front panel Miku-designed protective film, a 4GB memory stick and a set of specially designed AR cards will be included in the Limited Edition Hatsune Miku PS Vita set.

The back side of the limited edition hand-held console.

Needless to say, a couples preview of the modules/costumes and PV of the game has been released. Here are some example. 

Preview of the songs and modules featured in the game.

For those interested to buy the limited version one, I am afraid the online pre-ordering has been closed. However you can try asking your local game retailers if they able to ship it. The limited console will be sold around RM1500 or S$588 for 3G model, and probably cheaper for Wi-fi model only. The memory card game itself will be available for USD74.90 or RM237. Those who cannot afford the Limited Edition console but still want your PSVita to be mikufied can order its special accessories from sites such as AmiAmi. And of course some of  this online sites also feature pre-order bonus if you order the physical copy of the game from them.

Note that it is also has been announced that at least six new songs will be made specifically for this game such as Odds & Ends (ryo), Weekender Girl(kz/hachiojiP) and Summer Idol (OSTER).

Oh, for both of new song, both kz and ryo will release a single album each. You can order it now via Amazon or cdjapan. Both come with regular and DVD Limited edition.

Speaking of album, Miku will also be treated with double album release for her birthday, launched by Sony Direct Music and Dwango Music. The album are coined as 'Hatsune Miku 5th Birthday Best~memories~' and Hatsune Miku 5th Birthday Best~impact~' respectively. 

Partial track listings include “melt”, “Hello, Planet”, “FREELY TOMORROW”, “Kagerou Days”, and “Electric Love” for “~memories~”, and “Matroshka”, “Senbonzakura”, “Koi Suru VOC@LOID”, “Nijigen Dream Fever”, and “Akatsuki Arrival” for “~impacts~”. 

Of course, not all the songs are old ones. Team sasakure U.K/Deco 27 and MitchieM will each prepare a special song to celebrate Miku's birthday. In fact, MitchieM has recently released a music video featuring the Crypton Vocaloid family (beside Miku) singing for the virtual diva. A bit too early but nevertheless, the video feature awesome tuning and video editing.

Happy Birthday song by MitchieM

The album shall be released on the 1st of August, fans whose interested to buy can direct yourself to CDjapan and various sites to pre-order.

By the way, MitchieM also tweeted something to a site that suggest more things are going on in conjuction of Miku 5th Anniversary. The magic numbers are 1st, 8th and 31st, so mark them on your calendar.

That is all folks, for now. MVP blog corner will keep you update on our diva planning celebration so keep tune to the site. 

Oh before I forget, to Muslims fans in Malaysia and around the world, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak and Happy Fasting~

Source: siliconera, sgcafe.

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