Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Family Mart X Hatsune Miku Updates

More updates announced by FamilyMart! Let's have a look at new products soon to be released by FamilyMart!

FamilyMart has revealed 3 food products that are still in development. First up is 'Mikuman', Miku manjuu (Miku meat buns).

Also, a fan managed to dig up a non-mosaic picture of the Mikuman!

Next up, 'Peyangudabaa', instant Yakisoba! The Yakisoba is based on Paipan-P's (Zanio) popular song, 'Peyangudabaa'

The said song,

Last but not least, Vegetable Juice. Based on the popular song by Lamaze-P, Po Pi Po, FamilyMart revealed a delicious looking bottle of green juice.

Po Pi Po, by Lamaze-P

More announcements coming soon, and I do hope I can get that Yakisoba, seems interesting :D

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