Monday, January 21, 2013

Game: MaiMai in Malaysia Special Report!

My exams are finally over and is now enjoying the short holidays till February. I start off my break with a session of MaiMai in arcade with my fellow MVP members. It is fun and I would like to share this wonder machine with the rest of local Vocaloid fan for one reason : IT HAVE VOCALOIDS SONGS!Awwww, yeah. Click more for further details.

Midvalley is blessed with 2 pair of MaiMai. Awesome.

At least it is a good substitution for Project DIVA Arcade which our neighbor Singapore have.

But first, let us take a break shall we? Carls Jr burgers are nice yo. Miku also agree~

Miku kept me company while waiting for the rest to come. Miku will never let you be forever alone.

Alright, let us get back on track. For those who didn't know, MaiMai is a flashy arcade rhythm game unit by SEGA, the same company that brought you the SONIC and Project Diva series. The machine kind of resemble a washing machine, with a round touch screen mixed with eight lighted buttons around it. The game mechanic is pretty simple. You choose up to 2 or 3 song and difficulty level, hits the marker or touch a certain spot in the circle when the song is played. Pretty simple, until they speed it up till Touhou level that is. Here, watch a vid of cute girls from Danceroid playing MaiMai to get a better understanding.

Currently there are three locations that is widely known to have this machine online. This area would include Berjaya Times Square's arcade, Sunway Pyramid's arcade and Midvalley's arcade. Reliable sources also said that JUSCO Kepong has been graced with the arrival of MaiMai, however whether its in online or offline mode is still unconfirmed. The machines would cost you RM3 per game. One game would give you chance to play two songs, and if you passed all two with CLEAR you will get to play a bonus track. You can also play with your friends with 'VS' or "Sync' mode, with the difference of Sync mode 3 songs while VS only 2 songs available. Of course we being Malaysian, Sync mode is the wisest choice, am I right?

Partner of Pro MaiMai player playing together in Sync mode at Sunway's arcade.
In the beginning, players are dished out with serving of songs from J-Pop, Game/Anime, Originals, Overseas, Joypolis and Variety genre. At first you can only play a fixed amount of songs but as you play more and with certain conditions, you can unlock new music and title. The catch is you have to obtain the game card, which is usually available at the counter for these arcades. Sunway's arcade sell the card for a reasonable price of RM12 while Midvalley is set up currently at a bit pricey RM18. To use the card, just touch the provided card marker and wait till the machine processes your ID. Signing up to the community is easy, first time user can just register on the machine itself before playing. 

Miku help me shows the MaiMai card game I just bought.
Our focus would be for Variety genre as VOCALOIDS songs fall in this categories. Initially you are provided with songs as following:

With the MaiMai card and certain conditions fulfilled, you can unlocks more Vocaloid songs such as MELANCHOLIC, MATRYOSHKA and MeguMegu☆Fire Endless NightOf course the game always have updates, therefore in the future more VOCALOIDS songs can be introduced. The game however did not showed original PVs for the songs but instead a dance cover video uploaded in NicoNico Douga. More information regarding other songs can be viewed at their official website

If you have trouble understanding as it always in Nihongo as usual, just click the 'English' tab. The machine also has a camera that allows users to record themselves playing a session and upload it to the popular Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga. Of course you need to be an official member by getting a card game to use this application. 

One of Malaysian top MaiMai player in action. I witnessed a monster .
Last but not least, I am here to report that there is a local community in Facebook called 'Sega-Mai Mai Malaysia Club' where local MaiMai enthusiastic players gather and share information. Here, you can ask the seniors around for more info on not just how to tackle a tough spots in the game but also how to train to become a Master level. Be sure to introduce yourself when joined though as courtesy~

Well, I am tired. Let us take a break with my fav tea-time~ Ochado. A rest before venturing more into wondrous world of Vocaloid!



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  2. The last picture just a guy that passby and play 1 round maimai only~
    u can see WTH slipper he wearing....

  3. Hi there~
    I finally found you guys ><
    Thank Google~
    May I ask how to unlock Melancholic? Really need that song badly o.O
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    Ohh..I'm the one who waited 2 hours for a chance to play during 26th Jan ><

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    2. Emmm no o.O
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    3. Oops..just realize that I asked the question too directly. Sorry for that.
      Actually it feels fun when I watch you guys I thought if I'll be able to join you guys ><

  4. Lol the cute girl vid..... is that the correct way playing maimai? xD