Saturday, January 12, 2013

Producer Spotlight | Giga-P / ギガP

It has been a long while since the last Producer Spotlight, been busy lately. But well, here I am back again! XD Since it's the first Producer Spotlight for the year 2013, Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu, Happy New Year!

This week I'm gonna feature producer Giga-P. Here's his well known original work. Masked bitcH, feat GUMI.

Giga-P is a master in mixing and arranging, I'm sure most of you are well aware that Giga-P is the person who rearranged PON PON PON, Tsukema Tsukeru and Candy Candy!

Let's start off with his first Vocaloid original song, Ryuusen Prism, feat. Megurine Luka. This was the original version of the song before he remixed it and let the twins cover the vocals, although the twins' cover received more views and love, let's not forget the original :)

Giga-P is also well known for his manipulation of the Vocaloids, many referred him as the master of tuning. Which is quite true! His vocaloids sound so surreal but not too human-ish, just perfect :)

As for the style of his music, he's more to synthesizer/electronic pop sounds. Giga-P usually writes more upbeat songs with fun and groovy lyrics to dance along with. And as you can observe from his Mylist, he's very fond of the Kagamine twins, usually making covers of notables song using them (His love for Kagamine Len is fairly amusing XD). Giga-P is also a good friend of Neru and Orebanana-P, and thus you can see lots of collaboration works with them :) Both him and Orebanana-P made great influence to Neru's tuning style too, thus the similarities XD

Here's his latest original song, Gigantic O.T.N, feat. Kagamine Len, the meaning of the title and lyrics *cough*

Aside from Vocaloid works, Giga-P has good vocal skills himself! Recently he's been actively uploading cover songs. Here's one, WAVE, originally written by my favourite composer, niki.

I'd also like to highlight that Giga-P's one and only Lily work, Indicator Red, won the NicoNicoDouga Prize! Omedetougozaimasu!

Giga-P has participated in numerous albums such as 「EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Megurythm feat. Megurine Luka」, 「I am BIG TROUBLE」,「LEN COMPILATION」,「VOCALO APPEND feat. Hatsune Miku」and lastly 「やば、豆腐買うの忘れた」(Yaba, Toufu Kau no Wasureta)

Well, that's all for now! Here are some useful links that might come in handy if you wanna know more about latest news from Giga-P.

Twitter :
Piapro :
Mylist (Vocaloid works) : mylist/7894586
Mylist (Vocal cover) : mylist/25281831

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