Monday, September 23, 2013

[News] Demo of Project Diva F 2nd by SEGA to VITA owners.

So, apparently SEGA is going to release a demo for next year sequel of Project Diva F 2nd......for PS Vita.

I am now regretting my action for selling my limited Miku PSVita (coined MikuV) last year. Orz

More information about the demo in the article.

For those with funds and time, you guys/girls might have tried the demo during the Tokyo Game Show 2013 where Hatsune Miku and the rest of Crypton Vocaloids was promoted for their game, mostly dominated by Miku though. The games mentioned are the Project Diva Arcade Version B, Project Mirai 2 for 3DS, an AR-game of Miku Air Hockey using Vita and Project Diva F 2nd for both PS Vita and PS3.

The demo of Project Diva F 2nd include only 3 songs, same as previous demo for PD F/f. The songs included are the new "Akatsuki Arrival" and two re-installment of " Romeo and Cinderella" and "Colorful x Melody". I wished they included more new songs, but hey who am I to complaint? Here the latest trailer from the official SEGA feat Hatsune Miku Project Youtube channel for the game.

The demo will be only available for short period, from October 17 to October 23 of 2013, in the Playstation Store. It is not mentioned whether is is free region or only for Japan. I am not sure as well whether it is also available for PS3 as well. Time will tell.

On another note though, Project Mirai 2 will be scheduled for releases on November 28 with promises of more costumes and customization, new gameplay style songs and return of GUMI into the game. Owners of 3DS, I envy you lots now. Here the latest trailer of the game:

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