Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snow Miku 2014 Website Revealed

The teaser site for Snow Miku 2014 has been revealed!

Snow Miku 2014 :

The reveal of the website signifies that there will be loads of events and activities revolving around this yearly Snow Miku sensation. With a new design this year, surely there will be lots of products releasing soon.

Mouse over the magic circle on the homepage and a silhouette of Snow Miku 2014 appears.

Once you click on it, an illustration of the cute pop diva appears.

On the bottom of the page, it talks about the history of Snow Miku. 

「Snow Miku started off based on "A snow sculpture of a white 'Hatsune Miku'". It was used as a design to support and advertise Hokkaido's winter season. In 2010's "Sapporo Yuki Matsuri (Sapporo's Snow Festival), Snow Miku's first snow sculpture was presented, not to mention that a figure was also released in commemoration of the event. Due to her popularity, the following year she was given an upgrade with extra accessories and a slightly different design. In 2012, a collaboration with Piapro was made to select an official design for Snow Miku 2012 through an illustration contest. This year, with the theme of "Snow Miku x Mahou Shoujo (Magical girl)", dera_fury's Miku and nekosumi's pet design were chosen. Next year will be Snow Miku's 5th anniversary! What magic will the mahou shoujo, Snow Miku cast on this year's Hokkaido's winter...? 」

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