Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[Product] Mitchie M's "Greatest Idol" PV: Cutest PV video ever?

It is only one day left before the official release of Mitchie M's first major album, entitled Greatest Idol, in Japan on November 6, 2013. While being physically there, queuing up for the album outside the store is put of the question, fans overseas can still purchase the album, both Regular and Limited edition as described in previous article.

Take a look at this roughly six-minute-long promo video for the album, which I would say has some of the cutest video and cross-fade transitions in a trailer, ever.
So have you pre-ordered one? :3

As previously described in the previous "Product Update", Mitchie M’s work, are widely known among the fan to have Miku and friends singing in realistic, natural-sounding voices. The one that create the spark and buzz within our community is the song "Freely Tomorrow", uploaded on July 2011 which quickly brought up Mitchie M to instant but well-deserved fame. His first album was actually a limited Comiket 83's release entitled "REALISTIC VIRTUAL SINGING" and is currently SOLD OUT. "Greatest Idol' would be his first major album debut, with the wonderful tracks included.
Not satisfied with the trailer? No worries, here are few full PV for some of the tracks made available in the album.
Track 1: Freely Tomorrow
Track 2: Age Age Again / アゲアゲアゲイン
Track 3: Ai Dee / 愛Dee
Track 4: Viva Happy / ビバハピ
Track 10: BLOOMING THE IDOL / アイドルを咲かせ
Track 13: Birthday Song for Miku

Oh before I forget.  In commemoration for MitchieM latest album releases, CDJapan is now having a sale for all past Vocaloid albums, with discount range from 10-15%. Its not much but its better than anything. I mean its quite rare for them to give discount to Vocaloid products.
The discount sale started October 28, 2013 13:00 PM and will end approximately at November 5, 2013 11:59 AM (GMT+9), which is TODAY!!

So what you waiting for? Order "Greatest Idol" from CDJapan now and them bundle it with the some of the albums you may like in the sale

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