Friday, December 21, 2012

KAITO V3 Demo Song & Information Page Revealed [Update 26/12/2012]

And so the official announcement from Crypton themselves! KAITO V3 will be released next Febuary.

A teaser site has been revealed at Crypton Future Media's website :

V3 Kaito silhouette can be seen in the website's layout. Also, the V3 KAITO has 4 voice banks, 「STRAIGHT」「SOFT」「WHISPER」「ENGLISH」.

As promised by Crypton, an English voice bank for KAITO!! I'm sure this will please the English community :) The song title is Kogane Konoha ga Mau Koro ni, written by Shigotoshite-P

Crypton will be releasing the demo songs/voice bank one by one, for now, only the 「STRAIGHT」 voicebank is available. Do head to the link above to have a listen.

Pre-orders for V3 Kaito will start on the 26th of December.

I'll be updating this post once there's more demo songs!

All demo songs have been released on the website!

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