Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekly Utauran/Vocaran #271 ・ 213

[Reigan] Sorry for the lack of Vocaran writeups for the past 2 weeks >_< Gomennasai! I was having exams.../dogezas

[Jhan] Haven't been following and doing the Vocaran for some weeks now, partially because my invaluable partner Reigan's been busy with exams, but mostly because I'm adjusting to working life.

Anyway, this week's rankings offer quite a number of intriguing selections from a number of familiar names. The list goes:

#27 ELLIE by seleP feat. MAYU - seleP joins in the MAYU bandwagon with this song, and it's a no brainer to make it a yandere song (There's even a Yandere Master tag to the song).

#18 Star Bright by papiyon(ChoumuP) - I love papiyon's piano-play, but it's not as obvious here as compared to his last work (Tsukimi Yoru Rabbit), which I took an immediate liking to. Still, it's one track worth checking out.

#13 Gigantic O.T.N. by GigaP feat. Kagamine Len

#10 Soutai kei Negative Tengoku by YuuYu feat. Hatsune Miku - A rather catchy song by YuuYuP. Do check it out for your daily dose of cuteness.

#9 Uso to Nuigurumi by Dixie Flatline feat. MAYU - Dixie Flatline returns, and too joins the MAYU brigade. A catchy one, I daresay I like this one best out of his recent entries.

#7 GLIDE by niki feat. Lily - Reigan's support of niki is justified by his ability to put Lily out of obscurity into the rankings. Following in the footsteps of WAVE, I expect this to stay around for a couple of more weeks at least.

Vocaloid Rankings
Naho's Opening Statement

Good morning everyone, its time for this week's Vocaran.
It's snowing everywhere in Japan...
The winter is making our bodies and even our hearts chilly.

But it's warm here at Vocaran, not to say warm, but perhaps hot is a better term for it.
Last week the new Vocaloid MAYU was released, not to mention we celebrated AHS Co.'s VOCALOID birthdays,
And this week....There's 'that' event, I'm sure there'll be lots of new songs uploaded.

Please remember to take care of yourself from the cold weather, be sure to keep your body warm at all times.
More info to be announced later in the Vocaran....

For now, let's have a look at the top 30!

30(New!!) : 『farewell blue』 : MAYU/add9(ヘリP)
29(4↓) : 【初音ミク】gift nor art - HSP&Tripshots【3DCG-PV】
28(5↓) : 【GUMI】 ヘルシーな生活 / TOKOTOKO(西沢さんP)
27(New!!) : MAYUオリジナル曲 『ELLIE』
26(23↓) : 『初音ミク』千本桜『オリジナル曲PV』
25(10↓) : 【IA】「Ib」-again-【オリジナルPV】
24(New!!) : 【初音ミクDark】ワンナイト・フェアリーテイル【オリジナルPV】
23(New!!) : 【GUMI】例えば【オリジナル
22(29↑) : 【MMD】Lat式風ミクダヨー 配布だよ
21(24↑) : 【MAYU & IA】イノベーション【オリジナルPV】

Pick Up : セカイ系少女は電脳世界を泳ぐ/歌愛ユキ・初音ミク

20(New!!) : 【MAYU】チミドロスイッチ【オリジナル
19(New!!) : 【初音ミク】琥珀色の夕景【オリジナル曲】
18(New!!) : 【MAYU】 Star Bright 【オリジナル曲】
17(New!!) : 【GUMI】生命文【PV付オリジナル曲】
16(6↓) : 【MAYU】一途な片思い、実らせたい小さな幸せ。【オリジナル
15(13↓) : 【初音ミク&GUMI】脳漿炸裂ガール【オリジナル】
14(2↓) : 【鏡音リン・レン】魔法の鏡【オリジナル】
13(New!!) : 【鏡音レン様】ギガンティックO.T.N【オリジナル
12(19↑) : 【GUMI・鏡音リン】 いーあるふぁんくらぶ 【オリジナルPV】
11(7↓) : 青/164 feat.MAYU

10(New!!) : 「 早退系ネガティブ天国 」 ゆうゆ feat.初音ミク
9(New!!) : 【MAYU】嘘とぬいぐるみ【オリジナル】
8(New!!) : 初音ミクのオリジナル曲 ㍆㌋㌉㌏㌉㌸㌾㌋㌞㌹㌅ -Full ver.-
7(New!!) : 【Lily】GLIDE【オリジナル曲】
6(3↓) : 【初音ミク】「独りんぼエンヴィー」【オリジナル】
5(New!!) : 【初音ミク】 世田谷ナイトサファリ 【オリジナルPV】
4(9↑) : 【鏡音レン】誰でもいいから付き合いたい【オリジナル

This week in history (Weekly Vocaran #219
5 : 【きゃりーれんれん】PONPONPON Full ver.
4 : 【GUMI】 ルービックキューブ 【オリジナル・PV】
3 : 【初音ミク】 twitter 【オリジナル曲PV付
2 : 【GUMI】ナンカイレンアイ【オリジナル曲PV付き
1 : 【初音ミク】化物宇宙【オリジナルPV】

3(New!!) : 【初音ミク】 異国人形館殺人事件 【オリジナルPV
2(New!!) : 【IA】仇返しシンドローム【オリジナル曲
1(→) : 【GUMI】放課後ストライド【オリジナル

Naho's Closing Statement

And that was this week's Vocaran!

Happening this weekend, at Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Tokyo,
the most aniticipated event for Vocaloid fans, 「THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 23」!
having more than 450 circles participating this time,
It's been 5 months since the last event!

As I said during the opening statement, the weather is getting colder.
It seems like there will be heavy snow around Tokyo this weekend too, not to mention the ever-changing weather.
If you are participating this event, please becareful!
Also, the manual guide for normal entry to VOM@S will be released soon.

Alright, please have a look at the rest of the rankings.

UTAUloid Rankings
Nami's Opening Statement

It's time for Utaran!
It's as what Naho-san said, it's getting pretty cold now!
I'll mention it again! Please do keep yourself warm wherever you go!
Yeap, just like how Sekka Yufu does it...

'That' event happening this weekend, I'm sure UTAU fans are equally excited about it as well....
Alright then, do have a look at this week's top 10.

10(New!!) : 【ゆっくりが歌う】1/6の夢旅人2002【UTAU
9(New!!) : 【UTAUカバー】 マダラカルト 【薪宮風季_Rock】
8(New!!) : [MMDドラマ]変なの拾った~2[番外]
7(8↑) : 【テイ・トミ・リツ】secret base~君がくれたもの~【UTAUカバー】
6(New!!) : 【波音リツキレ音源】 ラヴ・サジタリウス 【UTAUカバー】
5(New!!) : 【櫻歌ミコ】 櫻唄 【オリジナル】
4(New!!) : 【波音リツキレ音源】誰でもいいから付き合いたい【UTAUカバー】

3(4↑) : 【黒バス】タ.カ.オ.ト.リ.ッ.プUTAわせてみた【健音テイ】
2(6↑) : 重音テトオリジナル曲 星詠みエンドラヴァ
1(--↑) : 【波音リツキレ音源】マテリアルワールド【オリジナルPV】

Nami's Closing Statement

And that was this week's Utaran.

Let's move on to the rest of the Vocaran.
We'll be announcing the top 10!

Ending Song : 【巡音ルカ miki オリジナル曲】 BLUE


  1. Great work,

    but its kinda hard for me to read the top 30 full blown japanese link.

    Is it possible if not troubling to put english translation to the side of the link?.

    it would be very helpful


    1. Thank you!

      Regarding that, I decided to try out adding romanization of the song titles after each song link. I don't wanna add English translation because I fear that I might translate it wrongly and it's a bit of a hassle to search for the official english translation. Sorry about that.

      But thanks for your opinion!