Saturday, December 29, 2012

MMD Model: ApiMiku ver 1.00 for Download

This new MMD model miku called 'Appearance Miku' or 'ApiMiku' for short is uber cute~ Read more to know about the model and how to obtain it.

Picture courtesy from Supercell Illustrators FB page.

Its been a while since I last used the MikuMikuDance MMD software. Last time I remember was back during SPM 2012, where I used it to create a picture to wish good luck to MVP members who are sitting for the exam. Today, a member have shared wonderful news revolving around MMD community.

Those who knows about the Summer Caravan event might remember this model, which has been used in  mini concert coined as the 'Angel Project presents HATSUNE Appearance' in Hekkajima. Not to mention Crypton has also announced that they planned to distribute the model openly to public from the NYCC info panel.

The model is now freely up for download in piapro site (CLICK HERE). You need to register first to download the file, though. Click the middle button below the picture preview to download. The file is in 'x' format, so to use it you must the file properties into 'rar' or just simply open it with WinRar and extract the model to your MMD Model files.

Here is a cute demo of the model. I must say, it is very cute and quite flexible and have various expression for users to play with. My new favourite after Project DIVA model made by MamamaP.

Oh wait, IT IS by MamamaP. Enjoy using the model~ I know I did.

The model can also be used in MikuMikuMoving. Sources from

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