Friday, December 20, 2013

[Event] Comic Fiesta 2013 Guide for Vocaloid Fans

Its that time again, Malaysian fans.
Cosplays, Doujin Goodies and most important of all "kz(livetune) presence in the event!!

Here are some of the things to look out for in tomorrow Comic Fiesta 2013 for Vocaloid fan especially.

Cosplay of Miku from LoL-lots of laugh song by Xrystal, one of the guest cosplayer for CF 2013.


As every cosplay convention in Malaysia, you shall expect an array of Vocaloid cosplays from songs and official illustrations. From one of our local cosplayer, Angie will don a SeeU Xmas version and sell the photo in her booth (A6) at the premium booth area. Below is the products she will be selling.

Local coser Angie as SeeU Xmas ver.

Aside from SeeU, veteran of MVP's favourite oversea coser Onnies is also coming. Sadly for us Vocaloid fan she is coming as Junko (Danganronpa) and Matoi (Kill A Kill) , instead of Miku or Luka which she previously cosplayed. Personally, I really liked her version of Miku as shown below. She will be featured among the others overseas Guest Artist on Day1 and a Signing Session at Coffytiam booth on Day 2.

Onnies as Angelic Miku but sadly she is not coming as her.


Two of MVP supporters and friends, Yukkuri and Monochrome Rainbow will have their own Vocaloid goodies sold at their booth. For Yukkuri, do look for their badges of Miku's Daily drawn by talented member, Agito. Aside from that, do check out their new Vocaloid Fan Artbook:Project Diva (picture below). The quality of the cover and illustrations inside are almost the one you saw from Comiket. Do visit their booth at Row C Table 2 at Basic Hall Art booth.

Yukkuri's latest Vocaloid Fan Artbook

Monochrome Rainbow is another local doujin who has some interesting Vocaloid goodies. The one I wanted to highlight is their English translated (previously in Mandarin/Kantonese) "Vocaloid-Daily Life' (picture below) anthology comic book. I,personally liked their first comic featuring Vocaloid and is looking forward to see the 2nd edition, which is finally translated. Do check their booth at Row E Table 16 at Basic Hall Art Booth.

Monochrome Rainbow's Vocaloid Daily Life Anthology Comic Book

We would like to keep on tab on all the Doujin Circle locally in Malaysia that involved in Vocaloid arts and media, but it seems to many and some have not showed their preview. Feel free to visit Comic Festa site for the floor plan layout here.


GSC will again visit CF like did last year, bringing (slightly) cheaper figurines and goodies. Our highlights for Vocaloid fan would be the Nendoroid Petite Mikudayo, Hatsune Miku Yukata ver Natsubaki, KAITO figma, 1/6 Scale figure of Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin and Rubber Straps: Vocaloid Yukata ver. The products will be available at their booth, and will be sold at local price. Be sure to visit and hopefully, managed to secure some of them. Check the website here for more information.

1/6 Scale VC Kagamine Rin and Len (Sold Separately)

Vocaloid Straps
Nendoroid Petite Mikudayo and Yukata Miku ver Natsubaki

redjuice AND kz(livetune)

redjuice is once again returned to our big event for the second time. For those who did not know, redjuice  is a known professional artist and illustratator who has participated in numerous Vocaloid related projects. He is most known for his illustration for "World is Mine" figure and the anime Guilty Crown original character designer. He previously is the special guest for CF 2012, and again this year we will have his own panel as 'Guest Illustrator'  on Day 1 at 12:00pm and a Signing session on Day 2 at 4:00pm 

Comparison between the illustration by redjuice (left) and the figure (right). 

Next is finally the best part. We finally graced with the arrival of old time veteran VocaloidP, kz(livetune) himself! The creator of Packaged, Tell Your World, Light Song and my personal favourite...Finder. As mentioned before, he will be the DJ on the closing night of Comic Fista 2013 of Day 2, coined as [ENDGAME]. It was mentioned from the CF website that kz goodies (most likely album) will be available for sale at Coffytiam booth. Due to the new rule of the Signing session where priority given to those who have their products, do visit the booth to buy his stuff. I am myself while owning two of legendary kz's album would like to buy some of his work that I miss. His Panel and Signing session will both start at Day 2 around 1.30pm and 5.00pm respectively. 

kz(livetune) in Comic Fiesta 2013.
There is a lot more to do in Comic Fiesta which I might not covered. Local performers and dancers are rumoured to perform some Vocaloid songs, but regardless do go to their live performance at the end of Day 1 as support.

Final say from yours truly (hellcove), HAVE FUN AT CF 2013 guys. Peace out. 

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