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[News] Be Prepared for kz (livetune) Advent to Comic Fiesta 2013.

Its finally happening.
We finally getting a veteran from the VocaloidP's circle to Malaysia, not only that to one of the long-running local event that every Malaysians know of, Comic Fiesta.

Let us prepared ourselves to give kz (livetune) a proper and warm welcome from the Malaysia's side fans of Vocaloid.

More info on the technopop styled VocaloidP after the break.

It is important to note that while livetune is now solely represented by kz, it is originally used to be a group of two composers. The two only members were kz (or also known as RE:NDZ) and Kajuki-P, who is now already retired from the Vocaloid community and working for CAPCOM. Their first work, "Packaged" described the role of Vocaloid perfectly in the creative music industry and captured many hearts of fans and creators alike. The group first album "Re:Packaged" was sold during Comiket 73 in December 2008. The album then later was distributed professionally via Victor Entertainment and managed to place the 5th place in the Oricon's Weekly Chart at the time. The remix of the album "Re:Mikus" was then later released on the year 2009. It is also the year KajukiP decided to retire and left the group, leaving kz to be the only member of livetune currently.

From top: Re:Package; Left: Re:MIKUS and ; Right: Tell Your World EP
livetune is currently labelled under Toy's Factory, a Japanese record label which also has artist lineup such as Bump of Chicken and Baby Metal under their wings. Being solo, kz has been busy developing songs for anime openings and endings while collaborating with fellow producers such as ryo and Hachiouji-P. Below are some of his track list using Vocaloid from the moment livetune established till today:

Among all of his works, the most notable one would be "Tell Your World". The song was originally created for Google Chrome commercial which was uploaded onto YouTube on December 14, 2011. The ad quickly gained 4 million views, beating other Japanese Google Chrome ads featuring popular singers such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. A full music video for the song is later uploaded onto livetune's official YouTube channel on March 12, 2012 and currently is reaching 8 million views. The song managed to inspire fans to create fan-based videos, UTAU and real singer covers as well as dance. Two remixes of the song are featured on the official Tell Your World EP. Additionally, an official English version of the song is on livetune's album Re:Dial.

That is in the past, but that doesn't mean the awesomeness stop. kz's latest work is 'Pink or Black', similar to "Tell Your World", is also a song made for commercial purposes. The song is used to promote a makeup line by Shu Uemura based off "Six Hearts Princess". As this article being written, the song has reached 700,000 views. Notably, the 3 minutes music video was also directed by Takashi Murakami who also re-direct the video for "Re:Dial". In the song, unlike his previous work, Miku is not present instead two magical girl was the representation of the makeup line, with the theme of duality in oneself. Miku is however still the vocal singing the entire song, in English. The song is currently available for digital purchases in iTunes. More information with regard to the cosmetics in their official website.

In term of his overseas involvement, kz also has collaborated  with DJ-Zedd who is known to produce and compose songs for Lady Gaga. The collaboration come together as the Germany-born DJ is having his major debut in Japan with his single "Spectrum". Being a fan of Zedd, kz remixed the song "Spectrum" from Zedd's Clarity album and created a new version with Hatsune Miku vocals. According to Sports Nippon newspaper, Zedd was so excited to hear the new version, saying that it sounds like a Japanese person singing in English and calling it the "greatest." Together they held a live event in Roponggi – Nicofarre with total of 400 attendees enjoying the music brought by the duo.

In front, ZEDD and kz taking a picture with the rest of the fans at their live event in Nicofarre.

Aside from producing songs using Miku, kz also had collaborate and produce various music for the anime industry such as Devil Survior 2 The Animation ("Take Your Way" and "Each and All"). His latest involvement would be in producing opening song for the upcoming anime "Hamatora" which will be aired in January. The song is in collaboration with Yuuki Ozaki  from Galileo Galilei (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai) as announced in his official Facebook page.

kz also allowed and remastered one of his famous work "Last Night, Good Night" as a theme song for a Japanese major motion picture entitled "Jellyfish Eyes"/(Mememe no kurage), which is directed by Takeshi Murakami and was aired in theaters all over Japan on April 2.

A touching scene from the movie.
With regard to his upcoming visit to Malaysia or Comic Fiesta specifically, the local committee did not enclosed what and how will his presence in the event will benefit us Malaysian's Vocaloid fans. From his official Facebook page however, the event shall promises us with his talent for the DJ role, possibly during the end Day 2 of Comic Fiesta. Whether you are fans of Vocaloid or not, the tracks and music by kz will surely entertain the guests which awesome tracks that will make you go "F*** YEAH!".

Looking forward for his trademark hoodie for CF 2013~
Also, a (late) congratulations on his marriage last October as well!!

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