Friday, June 8, 2012

M.V.P Booth at AFAMY!

Hello hello! I know it's sudden but I just felt I have to post it! :3

Malaysia Vocaloid Party (M.V.P) will be having our own booth at AFAMY!

AFA MY will be held at PWTC on Saturday and Sunday (9th of June - 10th of June). Do drop by us for a visit!

Comrades setting up our booth ^_^ We have lovely Xuet as our cover girl! XD

It's a huge step for MVP since we started off just a group of friends who share a common interest. We hope to bring in more members into our 'family'! :D

We will be showcasing Vocaloid artwork and doujin works done by Malaysian artists. Not only that, we do also have photography works from renowned Malaysian photographers! (not naming them now, check it out tomorrow XD) There will also be Vocaloid figurine displays so figurine collectors might wanna drop by and look at some of our MVP members' collection!

And our booth's highlight! We are having Vocaloid song trivia! If you manage to answer our quizzes, you can get a chocolate Hatsune Miku! Its made using the Snow Miku 2011 ice tray, there's only 30 of it, so grab it while its still available ^_^ As for the difficulty of the song trivia, I label it as hardcore according to Malaysian standards, well, as long as you keep track of the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings then you might find it easy ^_^. The song choices are done by me, JHan and Lero. Since it's the three of us who made prepared haha!

And these are the chocolate Hatsune Miku! 

Do keep a close lookout at our fanpage/twitter for more updates from time to time!

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  1. HEYA REI-CHAN! Megat here! Bumped into your blog by chance. Nice place you got here. <3