Saturday, June 9, 2012

Producer Spotlight | Eshijyanai Kei / 絵師じゃないKEI

Konbanha! This week's Producer Spotlight is on Eshijyanai KEI, or also known as Hayashi KEI. The usual drill, my favourite song from KEI-san :)

Hello Worker, Megurine Luka.

KEI-san mostly produces rock songs, and if you browse through his Mylist, you'll notice that he has been around the Vocaloid community for quite some time, he has been uploading songs since the year 2008!

Here's one of KEI's older hit song.

Tower, Megurine Luka

If you noticed, KEI's has quite his own style when tuning the Vocaloids, whenever I listen to his songs, I just noticed that his vibratoes are just beautiful! It has depth and it usually executes immediately. And IMO, this is where KEI-san develops his own unique style, not to mention he writes great songs too!

Currently he uses Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, Gumi, Kagamine Len and VY1. Let's have a look at his VY1 work!

Invitation, feat. VY1.

KEI currently has 4 albums, "Echo Echo Me", "HELIOCENTRISM", "Horror For Holiday Shoppers" and his latest album released at VoM@s20, "Universe and Stupidity".

KEI is also a vocalist and guitarist in a band named NO LEAF CLOVER.

Mylist: mylist/5113852
Official Website:
Twitter : @homing_echo
Blog :
NO LEAF CLOVER Official Website :

That's all for this week :) I better get back to studying......Oh and Today's AFAMY! Do drop by our booth and challenge yourself to our Song Trivia ^_^

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