Saturday, June 2, 2012

Producer Spotlight | kaoling

Hello Hello! The time has come again for this week's Producer Spotlight! Today's spotlight is on Vocaloid producer kaoling. Here's my pick from kaoling's wonderful mylist!

Kami no Namae ni Ochirumono, sung by Hatsune Miku.

kaoling is a producer who specializes in traditional/folk music, not only that, kaoling also writes trance songs! kaoling currently has Hatsune Miku, Gakupo, Gumi, Kaai Yuki, CUL, IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, as for UTAUloids, kaoling is using Sorane Rana and Tsukishiro Hakupo.

Here's kaoling's most recent work, Ame no Niwa (Rain's Garden) sung by IA.

kaoling's works are filled with interesting sounds and it brings out the vocals beautifully. The moment I first heard Ame no Niwa, it just reminded me that how amazing kaoling is. She literally created a 'world' in this song.

Here's another traditional/folk song that I like.

FREJYA.sys, sung by CUL and Gumi

kaoling is definitely one of a kind producer, not many approach traditional/folk music in the Vocaloid community. Also, each of her songs uses a lot of voice parts, this makes the song sounds 'thick' and filled with harmony.

Currently kaoling has released one Vocaloid album, "Ochita Watashi no Te wo Hiite" Do support her by buying her album!

Mylist : mylist/14865214
Twitter : @OhkoshiKaori
Piapro :

That's all for this week! And I might be taking a break from Producer Spotlight next week due to exams. >_< I'll try my best to write next week's article if I manage to squeeze out some time :)

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