Wednesday, June 13, 2012

V3 Gackpoid Releases July 13th

The announced Vocaloid3 extension for Gackpoid (Kamui Gakupo) now has a release date - 13th July 2012.

V3 Gackpoid's Official Website, up since yesterday, reveals that the update to 2008's Vocaloid2 Gackpoid Kamui Gakupo will be released on the 13th of July, 2012, and it comes in three Voicebanks:

1. NATIVE - V3 Upgrade to the original V2 Gackpoid voicebank. Demo song - SIGNPOST

2. POWER - Tuned for clear, powerful singing.

3. WHISPER - The opposite of POWER, WHISPER focuses more on softness.

*Both POWER and WHISPER are demonstrated in the second demo song available, NEVER

All three voicebanks will be sold separately, as well as packaged in a COMPLETE bundle. Each voicebank has a different cover art, featuring Kamui Gakupo in different stances. Interested buyers have the option of buying only the Voicebank(s), or the Starter Pack Bundle that includes the VOCALOID3 Editor.

A single voicebank (NATIVE/POWER/WHISPER) will be priced at 13650JPY, and 19950JPY for Starter Pack Bundles. While on the other hand, the COMPLETE bundle will be priced at 26250JPY, and 31290JPY for the Starter Pack Bundle.

There is also the option to download digital versions, which has 20% off from the above prices, but there is no Starter Pack Bundle is offered. Also, bonus merchandise (detailed below) will not be offered as well.

Pre-orders for V3 Gackpoid will receive bonus merchandise, depending on which package is bought:

1. A postcard-sized clear file featuring the cover-art for the respective package. All three will be provided if the COMPLETE bundle is purchased

2. Pre-orders for the POWER or COMPLETE bundles will receive sample song data and the VSQX file for Episode.0, tuned by KannazukiP

Reference : Vocaloidism, Official Website

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