Sunday, August 19, 2012

[Album review] Hearts*Capsule

Hello there, Vocaloid fans! 久しぶり!

There have been so many Vocaloid albums being released this year during VOC@LOID M@STER events this year. In fact, there will be another event - VOC@LOID M@STER 22 Night Special on Hatsune Miku's 5th birthday - 31st of August, 2012! (link) Guess there'll be a huge celebration event of Miku's 5th birthday at the event!

So with so many albums in the market, it's been a tough choice to decide which one to listen and review. However, with the recent discussion on the identity of Vocaloid in M.V.P page (link) I think the Hearts*Capsule album by the producer Colate fits the topic of discussion perfectly. Check out the crossfade below:

Let's wiki attack for an introduction on the producer!

Colate's first song on NND - Airy Girl was released on 2nd of October, 2011. That is to say that Colate is a rather new producer! On the other hand, this album - Hearts*Capsule is the first album of Colate which was officially released during VOC@LOID M@STER 20 while being in the doujin circle ELEGUMI x colate x HOPE (link), if we were to exclude the EP released during February this year (link).

Anyway, here's the list of songs that were captured in this album!
  1. Party@Candyfloor
  2. Airy Girl
  3. Lovely Bell
  4. Lovin' Street -niconico mix-
  5. Opposite Side
  6. Snow Parade
  7. Chocolat Week
  8. A Starred Wish -re:edit- feat. 美砂
  9. Bubbly Sweet Night
  10. Lovely Bell -croaky clock remix- Remix by 3396
Overall, Colate used a very special style of music - using Vocaloids as music instrument! In many of his/hers songs, the Vocaloid voicebank to sing meaningless syllabus. However, this adds a powerful punch to the melody of those songs! After all, most of Colate songs have that moe/kawaii feel to it, so this music style of his gives some additional spice and flavour to all that awesome music.

The first song - Party@Candyfloor have a pretty nice upbeat feel to it. Guess that's in line with the producer's desire of making a song about the beautiful future!

Airy Girl ought to be a staple song on the playlist of all Miku fans! Who can resist that cute vocals which was enhanced by the light background music of this song!

Just when you think that no song could go any more moe compared to Airy Girl, Colate strikes back with V3 Gumi (Sweet) voicebank in the next song - Lovely Bell! Be prepared to puke rainbows and be intoxicated in an-moe-overdose song!

It is said that the 5th song - Opposite Side was composed with K-Pop in mind. Hmmmn... if Colate were to produce songs for K-Pop singers, I'll be the first to support! With that being said, this song have more pop-genre feel compared to the previous songs.

美砂, the vocalist featured in the 8th song - A Starred Wish have that dreamy voice which made her perfect to cover Colate's songs! I'll be looking forward for more collaboration between these two music artists! On a different note, 3396's remix of Lovely Bell was of a slower tempo compared to the original. With a slower drum beat, this allows listeners to focus more on the meaning of the lyrics.

So, Vocaloid fans, don't miss out this awesome album!

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