Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Max Factory 1/7 Megurine Luka Tony Ver.

Got my Max Factory 1/7 Megurine Luka Tony Ver. a couple of days ago, and I've decided to do a review of this magnificent rendition of our favourite, husky Vocaloid.

It's been a while since I've done a figurine review, and this'll be the first on VocaParty, so do pardon the photo quality, as I'm also working with very limited lighting equipment and a 4-year old digi-camera.

 Here're the boxart for Luka. As expected of Max Factory, their box-designs are more compact as compared to Good Smile Company's. For such a large figurine, if in the hands of GSC, it'd be quite a bit larger.

 To the side of the box, Tony's original illustration of Luka, on which the figurine is based on, is beautifully imprinted on. You could compare the illustration with the figurine itself and find it to be extremely accurately crafted.

The back of the box features photos of Luka's figurine, giving buyers an idea how she looks from the front and back.

 Now on to the actual Figurine Review. The above photo displays how Luka looks after set-up. Luka stands at approximately 22-23cm tall.  I don't think I need to point out how sexy Luka is in this rendition.

Yes, SHE IS BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED. I knew from photos browsed at My Figure Collection that I'll really like this addition to my collection, but damn, she still blew me away upon unboxing.

The craftsmanship on her skirt is very well-done. Note the details on how the skirt flutters, it really does look very life-like, as if Luka made a 360-turn?

Luka's golden boots are also accurately rendered, the shoe-lace being a very nice touch. I could not find a single fault in the paintwork, which is very impressive.

The base included was also a real bonus. I did not think much about the bases, as from previous Max Factory Vocaloid figurines (Tony Miku and HSP Miku), I've come to expect nothing much from their bases. But this came as a real surprise at how awesome and fitting it is. The record really does fit well with Luka.

 The golden microphone Luka holds at the back of her head, hidden from view most of the time. It comes as a separate part that needs to be fit on to her fingers. No plugs or holes, just fit it between her fingers and it settles nicely.

Despite being rather hidden from view (if Luka is to be displayed forward), the microphone is still well detailed and a nice touch. In fact, I actually wonder if the entire figurine is a tribute to samfree's Luka Luka★Night Fever, as her pose, the microphone and the overall feeling really does have me going ダメダメよ☆ !!

Luka's "03 Megurine Luka" tattoo is still intact, albeit a little hidden from view. One can make out the tiny "Luka" wordings on the tattoo, but rest assured the entire thing is accurate.

 Her armband/console is also accurate, although I was honestly hoping they would mould out the buttons and displays. Oh well, I guess touch-screen comes standardized on all Vocaloids :P

 Now on to the most important aspect of any figurine - the face. And Luka doesn't disappoint in my book. She looks beautiful, her face and shape somewhat resembling her original KEI artwork, though I would agree that she might've given off a more mature-looking feeling if altered a little. Still, win in my book.

Oh and, the photo speaks for itself about her chest, so I won't elaborate on that. /shot

And now probably the most appealing factor for most guys about Luka - the slit to the left of her skirt. Rest assured that the figurine's mould achieves what it's intended to be - Sexay, that's what. Look at the photo and disagree with me, I dare you >:P.

Oh and, her skirt is removeable, but don't expect a photo of that in this post.

Overall, I would say that Luka shows very detailed and beautiful craftsmanship, a testimony to the skill of Chieri, the sculptor. I approve of almost every aspect of this figurine, and in fact, on another note, she is the first figurine in my collection to not have any noticeable defects (painting problems, defects, scratches, etc), and that's saying a lot, as I am quite picky when it comes to this aspect (I note minor hidden scratches, extremely minor paint smudges, etc).

I was quite reluctant to fork out the cash for her initially, but now I have no regrets, as I now have this beautiful rendition of one of our favourite Virtual Divas added to my collection.

*Miscellaneous photos beyond this point

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