Tuesday, August 21, 2012

M.V.P Goes to AniManGaki 2012!

Yeap!! we are having a booth again at AniManGaki! Please do drop by and join us! And also, we're up on AniManGaki's website! XD Many thanks to the web designer ShinKaiZen for it!

We hope to bring more awesomeness this year! With more doujin displays, photography displays by famous photographers and more interactive activities with the crowd. Another addition is that we'll be having AR(Augmented Reality) displays there! Look at your favourite Vocaloids dancing :3 Credits to Jason for that!

Not to forget that our song trivia will be back! Thanks to the big response towards our choco mikus, we'll be doing the same activity as AFAMY, if you guessed the song correct, you'll earn yourself a very cute and delicious chocolate Hatsune Miku!

So drop by our booth and have a chat with us! We don't bite, we only nibble! :3

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