Thursday, October 11, 2012

GUMI Rhythm Game Coming to PSPs in 2013

[UPDATE] : Official Website is up, with a list of producers involved! Refer to bottom of post!

It comes as no surprise that - after having dominated (or partially at least) the Vocaloid Rankings for quite some time, having a Nendoroid figure release, multiple albums courtesy of EXIT TUNES and other labels, as well as a few concerts - a rhythm game featuring Megpoid GUMI is now announced and officially coming to PSPs next year.

The game, titled "megpoid the Music#", is to be developed by ParaPhray,(Before anyone asks, as GUMI is not a product of Crypton Future Media, SEGA does not have the rights.), and to be released on the PSP platform. According to Famitsu's article, there will be many songs that has reached 100k views on Nico Nico Douga included int he game, as well as 4 popular songs that have reached above 1 million views, such as samfree's Megu MeguFire Endless Night. 

Other songs listed are: 

Also, the article states that one song that has reached over 4.8 million views will be featured in the game. Popular speculation says that the one song that fits that category (and only features GUMI) is DECO*27's Mozaik Role.

The article also states that the game will feature multiplayer up to 4 players, as well as a "GUMI room", where players will be able to customize decorations earned in the game. Also, much like Project Diva, the game will feature over 40 outfits for GUMI, based on the artworks of the original songs. 

GUMI was previously featured in SEGA's Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Future Stars, appearing in songs such as EasyPop's Happy Synthesizer and Hachi's Matryoshka.

As of now, megpoid the Music has a tentative release window of Spring 2013.
Below are photos of the Famitsu article

The official website is now up, and there's a Creator Page that details the Producers, Illustrators, and Dancers involved. The list is below:

  1. A_RukaP
  2.  takanon
  3. devilishP x Silent Symphonia
  4. tokuP
  5. noboru↑
  6. Binio
  7. Yuuyu
  8. Rerulili
  9. Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP
  10. Aota Niina a.k.a. Yuzuhiko
  11. Umetora
  12. Nijihara Peperon(PeperonP)
  13. HachioujiP
  14. buzzG
  15. cosMo@BousouP
  16. DECO*27
  17. Dios/SignalP
  18. kemu
  19. Maiden Knight
  20. maya
  21. OSTER Project
  22. otetsu
  24. samfree
  25. YM
  26. ToukaP
  27. 40mP
  28. 164
  1. siomidu
  2. Torigoe Takumi
  3. nou
  4. non
  5. hannyaG
  6. yayoi
  7. Ryugu Tsukasa
  8. eb
  9. hatsuko
  1. Kimagure Prince
  2. sacchaso
  3. melochin
[Jhan] I guess they're testing the waters on the PSP first. If this game's a commercial success, I guess we can expect to see more GUMI on the Vita. Still, for a newcomer, content seems abundant. I have hopes that they include recent songs, such as Last Note's recent barrage of GUMI songs (Setsuna Trip and Ren'ai Yuusha, pretty please?).

I look forward to see how it fares.

[Update] With a producer list announced, I have to say I'm rather happy at the selection. I guess the developers know their stuff, and who to look for great GUMI songs. Alas, Last Note. isn't on the list, yet. I hope they'll add more later. Also, non on the list of illustrators makes me a satisfied gamer. I love her artwork.

More screenshots at Famitsu's Website
Information/Photo Source: Vocaloidism, SGCafe
Official Website : Megpoid the Music#


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