Friday, October 5, 2012

VY2V3 set to be released on 19th Oct

Yamaha announced the release date for VY2V3 - October 19th.

[Update] Added new demo songs below!

The upgraded version of VY2 consists of 2 voicebanks, the 'Standard' and the 'Falsetto'. With the addition of falsetto voicebank, user can have their VY2 sing with more 'expression' compared to using the standard VY2 voice only.

You can purchase VY2V3 here. The starter pack costs ¥17,800 which includes VOCALOID3 engine and VY2V3 voicebank whereas the the voicebank only costs ¥9,800.

To date, Yamaha released 2 demo songs for VY2. First up, Cendrillon by Dios/Signal-P.

You can clearly hear the falsetto voicebank at #1:29 and #3:20 respectively.

The next demo song, Totemo Itai Itagaritai by EZFG.

EZFG made a little remix to the song at #2:45. If you noticed, EZFG used the falsetto voicebank for the high notes.

Looking forward to the release of VY2V3 ω)

[Update] And so, tomorrow VY2V3 will be released, I'm excited! It seems like there's a few more songs added so I'm gonna update this post :)

Nurebairo, written by Camellia

Aru Futekigousha no Dokuhaku, written by Kuroda Ashin.

Nenchakukei Otoko no 15 nen nechi nechi, written by Ie no Ura de Manbou ga Shinderu-P

嘘憑≦Simulation, written by Yairi. (I'm not sure on the kanji words so I'll leave it at that :P)

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