Saturday, October 20, 2012

Producer Spotlight | EZFG

Konbanwa~! It's been....a very long time since the last Producer Spotlight, sorry about that! I was busy! (Like studies, checking out NND everyday, gaming....*cough*)

This week's spotlight is on producer EZFG! I can't really choose my favourite song EZFG since I love all of it, but here's a first pick :)

Cyber Thunder Cider, feat. VY1, EZFG's debut song, and also his biggest hit

EZFG's debut was well received by the netizens, not only he's using VY1, a VOCALOID which rarely receives attention, but also his great musical sense and unique PVs. As in Cyber Thunder Cider, the unique PV and the addictive music left a great impression and he rose to fame within a short period.

Here's his 2nd work, Totemo Itai Itagaritai, feat. VY2 & VY1V3

Another great surprise to everyone as EZFG used VY2, and again, accompanied by addictive synthesizer sounds with another unique PV.

Prior to his debut as a VOCALOID producer, he worked on game music arrangements and uploaded them on Youtube and NicoNicoDouga. You can check it out here and here.

To date, it is known that EZFG has 3 voicebanks,VY2, VY1 and Megurine Luka.

Here's his latest original song, magician operation, feat. Megurine Luka.

EZFG's songs are usually labeled as 'impossible for humans to sing' as it is fast and a wide vocal range is required for the singers to execute the song beautifully. Nevertheless, there are still great covers out there for you to check it out!

Another point to highlight is EZFG's manipulation/tuning of Vocaloids. His skills are clearly shown in this remix song, TOO SHY SHY BOY!

At #3:21, Megurine Luka's rapping is nicely done, not to mention this remix of Komuro Tetsuya's song is amazing too. EZFG is a producer worth mentioning and I do believe he needs more love! Can't wait for his new song :)

Mylist : mylist/18564543
Twitter :
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Youtube :

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