Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! ~Voca Style~



Its that time of year again where we can see people, adult and children alike wearing monsters and witches costumes for Halloween. Kids will go from houses to houses for candies hunting (although we can't see that in Malaysia) and adults dressing up for parties. We, the VocaloManiac on the other hand have our own way to enjoy the sweet and horror festive, that is by blasting Haloween themed Vocaloids eargasms, freshly prepared by the VocaloidPs every year. Them Japanese sure like to celebrate Halloween this way.

Enjoy XD!!

First up, we have a song prepared by composer Kou/Diaray-san  feat IA entitled IB. To those who havent heard of it, IB is a title of a horror survival game set up in a universe of paintings. Its a freeware so you can download and play the game here. The song isnt new but this new PV made by tori is. Might as well enjoy both the game and the song at the same time~

Moving on to the next song. What is Halloween without the famous Jack O Lantern Pumpkin eh? Hear out the song Sadistic Pumpkin composed by わか(苺ミルク(ry) featuring the twins Kagamine Rin and Len. These two always together on Halloween it seems, for trick and treating~

3rd one we have a Halloween themed song entitled ダァカァハロウィンヤムヤミギリア featuring groups of Vocaloid by seasoned VocaloidP, Machigerita. Those who familiar with his works would love the sweet creepiness of the song. 

Lets take a break from all the creepiness and end this post with a sweet cutesy Halloween song, shall we? Endless Halloween Night! written and mixed by もんもP and 雪月 respectively featuring Luka, KAITO and the twins once again. The song itself is just decent and nothing spectacular, however it was topped by the cute PV, especially the sight of Tako-Luka wearing multiple cute Halloween costumes.

Thats all folks~ There is more yet to come as VocaloidP unleash their Halloween songs in NicoNico Douga~ Be sure to check them out and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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