Saturday, September 29, 2012

[album review] Signal Green - sevencolors

Sevencolors 4th mini album「Signal Green」特設サイト

sevencolors is one of the few Vocaloid producer circles that released their latest album at Comiket82 (コミックマーケット82) recently. The previous songs by this producer circle had my expectations high for this album. And I was definitely satisfied to listen to the songs that were featured in this album!
Here's the crossfade for the said album!
p/s: ke-sanβ was responsible for this crossfade video clip!


They called this the 4th mini-album by sevencolors. But from what this album has to offer, I believe the term "mini-album" is too humble of a term to describe it. "Major album hit" might have been a better term. For 1,500 yen, you will be getting 2 discs worth of content, though only the 1st disc contains songs.

Okay, here's the long awaited list of songs:
  1. エレクトロトレイン feat. 初音ミクvivid
  2. algorhythm feat. 初音ミクvivid
  3. Lost. ( ペルソナ3, 2006 ) feat 巡音ルカ
  4. Original Remind feat.  初音ミクsoft
  5. Stay in the Blue feat. Megpoid Power & Wisper
  6. Sweet Pain feat. 初音ミク
  7. パラダイムシフト(Tracy Remix) feat. 初音ミク
The 1st song, Electro Train catches up on where the last album- Yellow Star Airlines left: songs with quick and funky beat. Unlike most trance/ Vocarock songs, such songs from sevencolors never seem to strain my ears because these songs always have an upbeat feeling to whosoever that listens to them.

On the other hand. the song that truly caught me off-guard was the main song of the album - Algorhythm. At first listen, I can't help but to notice how smooth the vocal tuning was. It was kinda difficult for me to accept the fact that the voicebank used was actually Hatsune Miku (vivid) and not Megploid GUMI. Nevertheless, it was a stunning song, with a racing beat that falls between a trance song and a J-pop song. And that guitar solo by Marco packed more punch that it intended.
(p/s: it was mentioned on this NND page that the voicebank used is GUMI Power. I'm guessing it was a mistake at

The last song was a remix of sevencolors' hit song, Paradigm Shift. If you love the original version, the remix version, which packs a greater punch with its amplified bass, might get you all HIGH and puke rainbows all over. I could not find a link to the remix version that was featured in this album, so I will have to leave readers to the original version of the song instead. Sorry~

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