Friday, September 14, 2012

Songs Pick-Up: Happy Songs Make You Happy~

Hey guys, hellcove here. Its been a while since I wrote anything here. But I am back with some selection of new and old Vocaloid music alike for the pleasure of the ear. But first, here an eye-candy.

Art by Nidy-2D

First up, as the illustration previewed, I give you the song Moon-Viewing Rabbit  (月見夜ラビット), music and lyrics by papiyon feat Hatsune Miku. The Miku-licious art was done by Nidy-2D, a member of 4-hands artist duo team. The song has a really distinct papiyon or ChochoP's style especially at the beginning. You can tell, if you are a fan of Glorious World and Eh? Ah Sou. The song is quite upbeat and as most of his songs, I can find myself dancing to his piano works. A must listen to papiyon 's fans. If you want to listen to the instrumental version or perhaps interested for covers, visit the link in NicoNico as he generously offered the off-vocal part to be downloaded. Be thankful :3

Second song pick up would be a work of veteran VocaloidP, 40mp.The song, Shounen Camera (少年カメラ) featuring GUMI Power as vocal, to me, is telling a story of a person that want to share his moments and memories to a certain someone where the camera is his (I assume) eyes and the films were his hearts. Thus, the concept of a stop motion video is quite suitable here, I think. You can also see his trademark, Mr. Bear featured a lot in this stop motion video. Not to mention, his wonderful family especially his son who played around with that little blue bear make the video quite loveable. 40mp commented that this is just made 'on a whim style' song, but I think it is such an amazing song with harmonica playing and such. I enjoyed it through and the English translation provided by Descent/ukwildcat387 made me appreciate the songs more. So here it is, Shounen Camera.

The third one and the last for this post is called, Colourful Music. Its quite old which is 2 years back. Lyrics are written by hiyolico and music arrangement by たけchan. I picked this song well just because its cute. Also the lyrics of the song made me feel like Miku is personally singing for her fans. Old songs used to be like that I guess. English translation are available here, credits to Descent again.

So here is the last song pick-up for today. Have a nice day and for Malaysians, Happy upcoming Malaysia Day on September 16th.

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