Sunday, September 23, 2012

+ VOCALOID Event + by Tenshi no Cafe

Wanna experience VOCALOIDs serving you in a cafe? Well, the popular maid cafe in Malaysia, Tenshi no Cafe, will be organizing a VOCALOID themed event this coming October!

The event will be separated into two weeks,
October 6th and 7th, and
October 13th and 14th!

Read on for more info!

The maids and butlers of Tenshi no Cafe will dress up as VOCALOIDs and serve you delicious food throughout the event! Not to mention that Tenshi will be organizing special competitions based on the theme :) Oh and, imagine Vocaloid music blasting in the cafe throughout the event! *w*

There will be special menus based on the theme throughout the 2 weeks of the event (Oct 6th-14th)

Let's have a look at what they have in store for us Vocaloid fans.

First up, Kaito Ice-Candy

This dessert is based on Kaito's character item, ice-cream/popsicle. The popsicle is put into a glass filled with mango goodness and pineapple jelly and also cherries! Looks yummy! Kaito fans would not want to miss this delicious looking dessert!

You can pre-order the Kaito Ice-Candy by sending in an email titled 'KAITO ICE CANDY" and the date you wish to have this dessert to Take note that Tenshi will not be taking orders on the event day itself!

Next up, we have Popi Soba!

Based on Hatsune Miku's character item, this leek filed soba will surely make you go Po Pi Po Pi Po Po Pi Po~! (Not to mention it's good for your health XD) You can have a taste of this veggie-filled soba throughout the event!

Next up, based on Megurine Luka's character item, Tenshi presents, Tuna Burger!

Mmm, seems delicious, tuna burger, I think I'll give this a try. Oh and it comes with fries and mayonnaise too!

It seems that there will be more special dishes by Tenshi, but till then, let's wait for their announcements!

Moving along, there are several competitions for us to join in and have fun. For example,
  1. Drawing Competition
  2. Karaoke Competition
  3. Best Dressed
  4. Project Diva Challenge
For more details & prizes on the competitions, please do visit their event page! The prizes look tempting *w*

So how many of you are going to the event? Well, Malaysia Vocaloid Party will definitely drop by and liven up this event! Will update this post again when Tenshi no Cafe makes new announcements :) Till then!

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