Saturday, September 15, 2012

Producer Spotlight | niki

Hello Hello! It has been awhile since the last Producer Spotlight! Well, here I am, back again for more :3 Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

This week's spotlight is on VOCALOID producer niki. Here's my favourite song from niki! :)

Limiter, sung by Lily.

Throughout my 2 years of dwelling in the VOCALOID fandom, niki is the producer that I like most! He's one of the more popular producer who uses VOCALOID Lily a lot!

He debuted in the year 2010 with his first work, Taiyou (太陽), a fairly upbeat song using Lily's demo version. niki first came across Lily's voicebank when he bought a certain DTM magazine, the magazine included Lily's demo voicebank, so he decided to try it out since he was quite fascinated with the VOCALOID engine.

Here's his first work.
Taiyou, feat Lily.

Not long after his debut song, he uploaded another song Enpitsu (鉛筆) and submitted this song for the Lily song composition contest and won anim.o.v.e's prize. (Contest results here)

After a few more releases, he started to gain fame and focused more on VOCALEAMO/VOCAROCK genre and eventually, Lily's demo version expired and he had to wait for his Lily's full version to arrive. As soon as it arrived, he released his 5th work!

His first song using V2 Lily.
Yuragi, feat Lily.

niki is known for his well written VOCAROCK/VOCALEAMO songs and his amazing Lily. Many commented that his Lily sounds clear and powerful and it's as if Lily is 'alive' as she sings soulfully to niki's melodies. Not to mention that the lyrics he wrote touches everyone's heart. I cried too while listening to his songs /shot.

Currently, niki holds V2 Lily, V3 Lily and IA -Aria of the Planetes-. Not only that, niki also uses UTAUloid! (his only UTAU song uploaded here). Don't forget to check out niki's piapro as there are 2 songs (Fuyukotoba フユコトバ and Terrorist テロリスト) that he has not uploaded to NicoNicoDouga. He commented that he won't be uploading these two songs to NND.

And here's to niki's latest song, Jitter Doll.

To date, niki has not produced an album. He stated on his twitter that he wished to do so, but could not find time for that, so we'll just have to patiently wait for him! Oh and also, wondering when will he write songs for V3 Lily and IA-chan *w*

Mylist : mylist/22057852
Twitter : @niki_reverse
Piapro :

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