Monday, April 16, 2012

DJ Hellcove Time: First Greeting, GUTEN ABEND!

Yosh, everyone! How was your Monday blues? Pretty much the same as always, working till you drop dead and wishing for the time to magically skip to Friday, am I right? Poor you.
Do not fret, DJ Hellcove will help re-energize your body back to GENKI-mode! How do I do it, you wonder?

(But first let me play with my Miku 1st~)
Miku: GIVE ME THE LEEK!! =3=~

Anyway this section is for me to shared with you Vocaloid fans the latest or hot songs from the Nico Nico Douga sites. The aim is to help boost views and gain support for newcomers composers and new Vocaloid vid while entertain you guys after a long day in the real world out there. So sit back and enjoy the music.

First up we have a song entitled  虹 or Rainbow. Composed by whoo and sung by our upgraded virtual diva, Hatsune Miku Append. Enjoy.

YT Link

Ah, what a nice relaxing song. Not too slow yet not too upbeat, I enjoyed the song and I hope you guys did too. 

Well let change the pace, shall we? Next song we will have the powered up girl with the goggles~ GUMI Power singing a song  composed by わか(苺ミルク(ryand remixed by ケィ@内緒でお願いP. I give you, EAT ME OUT!

YT Link

*whistle* Wow, what can I say? Nice PV, nice upbeat music and DAT TWO GUMI!! DELICIOUS~

*cough*cough* A-anyway let continue shall we? Next up, we have one of the Vocaloid 3 to sing a song asking you guys 'If you could go back in time, where?'. Everyone we have Mew singing us Stella/Sutera (romaji from ステラ) and composed by....Dixie!! 

YT Link

Hmm, Mew sounds like IA here, but nevertheless its a good song with a nice PV, so good job Dixie and his team. Well, that's all folks. I hope you enjoy my selection of Vocaloid musics and may they grant pleasure and paradise to your ears. Bleech, I sound so cheesy here >w<.

I will end my section with this last song, Ina Sekai Harmonize sung by the loli princess, Kagamine Rin. Oh forgot to mention, its sasakure.UK work so enjoy the epicness of the PV~ So for now, BYEEEEE!!!

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