Monday, April 23, 2012

DJ Hellcove Time: Hang in there!

Yo, people! Its another week of waking up early and enduring the pain of dealing with daily life works. Sometimes a life of a NEET and hikokomori are tempting~ Just kidding, hang in there guys!

As usual, tonight I gonna entertain you with selection of Vocaloid songs I stumble in Nico~ But first, let me show you this video~

Oh, Japan. You never cease to amaze me :3

Let start off with something that is old but also quite recent, like this year recent. The first song is a duet between the duo Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku and it has struck a first place in the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking once for its awesome PV and catchy beat.

Everyone, I present you Akatsuki Arrival by Last Note!

Ah, good song is good~ this song is the latest I heard from Last Note, hoping for more. The song can be purchased electronically via Hear Japan, click here to support the artist with your 50 Yen~

Alright then, let us proceed with the next song. This song is quite the unique one, as expected from the producer Pinocchio-P. A song with the message 'Love take many forms', I give you Hatsune Miku singing the song 'Do Not Kill The Love Song'. Enjoy.

Third song is another duet. Another new song this week by Luka and GUMI with a nice illustration style PV. The song title is Unison, music arranged by emon and composed by Imama/ユニゾン. Enjoy~

Since its new, quite impossible to find YT link now, so sorry guys~

Anyway, forth and final song for tonight is called Catastrophe. The song is composed by 音坂 キョーヘイ , a work of Sound Factory. Let Miku and GUMI sings my goodbye for tonight, accompanied with awesome violin and piano arrange. Until next time~

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