Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sasakure.UK feat. Hatsune Miku Translation Contest

Fans! Are you good in Nihongo/Japanese languange?! Sure you are, after all those years of watching animes, J-doramas and stalking in the Net, particularly 2-chan. Fufufufu~

In that case, you might be interested to join a contest to test you capability. sasakure.UK with the help of HearJapan is giving the chance for worldwide fans to try translate one of his notable song which is featured in his latest album The Fantastic Reality of Aesop. Click read more for more details and to hear his song~

Alright there it is~ I hope the song make you geared up to ransack that brains, translating all the kanjis and hiraganas used. Well, in any rate lets discuss on further about the contest shall we?

But before that, I believe two introduction are in order~

For Vocaloid fans, I believe most are familiar with sasakure.UK, but I will tell you anyhow! The composer was born in Fukushima and he grew up influenced by literary works and music from 8-bit and 16-bit style, which pretty much explain his style of composing. sasakure.UK work basically use Miku as main vocal and most of his song spun abstract stories with wide array of funky sounds. Those who interested to learn more about him, click here. 

As for Hear Japan, its a Japanese digital music platform which enable its users to pay to download from various Japanese artists. Its price currently is quite decent where the album with 17 songs can only cost 500 yen/ 6.19USD. In other word, its a cheap legal substitute to the normal expensive hard copy disc. I encourage fans to buy from this site from time to time as support toVocaloid and J-artist, as you can actually just pay at 50yen price to buy for one song  only.

Alright, lets get back to main focus which is the contest. 

First of all, you are required to translate the above said song into English and send them to HearJapan email before the deadline which is 11 May. Oh you also have to register yourself as a HearJapan user to enter, dont worry its free. Hear Japan is also being generous by giving all entrants a 200 credit point which you can use to buy songs. Oh, and your work MUST BE ORIGINAL as well.

First prize will get an illustrated book of the translated song and The Fantastic Reality of Aesop CD which are signed by sasakure.UK himself. Want to hear more details on the contest? Please click here.

Well, I wish you all the best folks. May the Vocaloid Force be with you~

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