Sunday, May 6, 2012

Album Review - Penguin's Dream

Often we judge a book by its cover. And this philosophy is often applied to our choice of music albums.

So what can one expect from a Vocaloid album having a penguin as the album cover?

The actual album title is 飛べない鳥の想像力 which can be translated as Penguin's Dream (by ニコニコ市場). As shown in the album cover, the vocaloid producer Penguins Project (also known as 思春期P) is responsible for the songs in this album. Previously, this producer had came up with many original Vocaloid songs. Some of his more famous works in the past include 蛍 and ロンリーハート.

P/S: His name 思春期P was derived from his cult hit song, [思春期ボーカロイド]

Now, let's talk about the songs in this album! Check out the song list below:

  1. Overture-飛べない鳥の想像力- (Overture -Penguin's Dream-)
  2. チョコレート・トレイン (Chocolate Train)
  3. 泣いて 泣いて 泣きやんで (No More Cry)
  4. あめあめ / Rain
  5. アノコロ /(Those Days)
  6. すねたりしないで (Don't Be In a Sulk)
  7. はてな! - 2nd Edition - (Why)
  8. うしろまえワルツ /(Waltz On Backwards)
  9. 春の手紙 (A Letter to Spring)
  10. 忘れないで (Forget Me Not)

Frequently I would recommend people to listen to the songs in an album in the given sequence. And this album is no exception. Assuming you do listen to the overture, you might fall in love with the charming instrumental melody of this song. This overture also gives one an idea of the music style of most songs in this album - sentimental ballads powered by a sweet vocal (Hatsune Miku) with a strong sense of bass/beat that would touch your feelings.

One particular song that I would like to recommend to all is an old (2008) song - [Chocolate Train]. With its mind-boggling bass, expect to be brainwash with the cute lyrics just like Ievan Polkka did. Expect this song to leave a strong impression on you.

Another old song that I insist readers to check it out is [あめあめ] a.k.a [Rain]. This melodious piano BGM totally brought out the sweet feeling of Miku's high-pitch vocal. Rain never felt this melancholy before I came across this song.

Last but not least, check out the cult hit song - [春の手紙]. This song stays true to Penguins Project's usual music style. Definitely a song not to be missed by Vocaloid ballad lovers.

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