Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #240

Seems like there's a rush of older songs hitting the rankings this week, must be due to the 77 medley I guess :P

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Naho's Opening Statement

Hello everyone, its time for this week' Vocaran.
The fun-filled Golden Week has come to an end.

The break is over, and the 'Despair' that's known as Monday has come.
You'll feel gloom, well this is what they say beware of Gokatsubyou(五月病).
Let's enjoy our Golden Week in moderation next year.

Its a new week, please enjoy this week's Vocaran
We'll start from 30th place this week too, Nfu Nfufu...

This week in history (Weekly Vocaran #188~#191)

Naho's Closing Statement

And that was this week's 1st place~

On the 6th of May, EXIT TUNES ACADEMY made a shocking announcement
They will be releasing a yandere Vocaloid, VOCALOID3 "Mayu"
The surprisingly loose rules and regulations regarding her character design and other uses is grabbing everyone's attention.

Mayu will be sold in stores in Japan,
It'll be quite some time before it becomes a huge topic in Vocaran.

And here are the rest of the rankings.

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