Saturday, May 19, 2012

Producer Spotlight | DATEKEN

Good morning! Selamat pagi! Today's a Saturday, and its time for the weekly Producer Spotlight! Today, I decided to give some love for DATEKEN. As usual, do have a listen to my favourite song from DATEKEN. "Tsumugi Uta" sung by the Kagamine twins.

DATEKEN is quite a senior producer in the Vocaloid community. His first work was uploaded to NND in the year 2008. Prior to that, DATEKEN uploaded his original songs to a music site named muzie. Well then lets have a look at DATEKEN's first work.

"PROTECT CODE", a trance song with both twins rapping! For his first work, it was pretty good. DATEKEN has been using DTM (Desktop Music) Since 1998. Many praised DATEKEN's musical knowledge and his skills in mixing. DATEKEN also produces a wide genre of music such as jazz, techno, ethnic, pops, Chinese-styled songs etc.

Here's an ethnic song by DATEKEN, "Jutenija" (pronounced as Yuteniya)

For this song, DATEKEN made up a whole new language and used it as the lyrics. This song is also one of DATEKEN's notable work

And let's now have a look at DATEKEN's jazz works. Here's "One Room, All That Jazz" just freshly released this year.

DATEKEN also released 2 albums, "D.A. technology" and a remix album "D.A. technology -remixes-". He also contributed a song in "the VOCAJAZZ vol.2" album (The song being "One Room, All That Jazz")

Here's some little tidbit on DATEKEN.
DATEKEN was born in Hokkaido, not long ago he graduated from his university and is now a salaryman. Its amazing how a young person can have this much musical knowledge and the skill to write good songs! There's many songs of DATKEN that I would like to introduce too but I'm afraid this post will be flooded with videos XD

Here's all the useful links!
Mylist: mylist/10109173
Twitter: @dateken
Official Website:
Blog (no longer updates it anymore):
muzie (no updates too):

That's a wrap! How do you find this week's Producer Spotlight? Do send your feedback through the comments! See you again next week ^_^!

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