Sunday, May 27, 2012

Album Review - Rhythmism

Right after our dear editor Rei-san wrote her producer spotlight post for the Vocaloid music producer Rerulili (link), I was prompted to write and publish a review for one of Rerulili's latest Vocaloid album - Rhythmism.

Guess it's never be too late to talk about good (old) Vocaloid albums.

Do check out the short clip below. It's actually the crossfade for the said album which was released on NicoNicoDouga (NND) one day after the official release date of this album!

Fans of Rerulili would know that this talented producer often compose songs with music style of various genres, particularly pop and ballads. While being famous for songs such as Knife (link) and Mr. Music (link), Rerulili opted for a different genre in this album - the jazz genre (a.k.a VocaJazz).

More importantly, check out the song list below!

  1. Rhythmism
  2. Dancing男子!~Latin House Remix~
  3. JOYRIDE ~Rhythmism Ver.~
  4. PassionFruit
  5. 雨が降って。
  6. お金がない
  7. ずっとこのまま
  8. DICE
  9. 翼 ~Rhythmism Ver.~
  10. あの日のままで
It did not came in as a surprise when Rerulili started to compose songs with the vocaloid Gumi as vocals. And the vocal strength of V3 Gumi (Sweet) was once again demonstrated in the song 雨が降って。, where the simple but melodious tune highlighted that sweet vocal. "Kawaii" may be the only suitable word I could think of to properly describe this song~

The next song - お金がない - featured V3 Gumi (Power). The way the drum sounded in this song would definitely leave a deep impression on listeners as it made the song extremely catchy.

But I still believe that Megurine Luka is still the undisputed Queen of Jazz. And Rerulili added another powerful Jazz song - PassionFruit - to further strengthen Luka's position. I am sourcing the video clip below from Youtube though...

But still, do not be contented... not yet! I've saved the best for last!

My most recommended song from this album had to be "Dancing 男子!~Latin House Remix~" which featured the vocals of Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka and the Kagamine twins! I believe this is a very catchy jazz song that have lots of pop song elements. This would have been a great hit song that would add to the fame of Rerulili if he had release it publicly on NND (such a waste!).

I've just realized that the original song (non-remix) was 1st feature in 2009 as past of the EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Supernova album (link). Anyhow, do enjoy the original "Dancing 男子" song in the link below!

Hope you woud enjoy the complete Rhythmism album (if you are able to get your hands on one)

P/S: Apparently there's a deeper meaning to the title of this album. The album title - Rhythmism - was chosen because it shows the ideology of rhythm by the producer - a tempo that may be shared in several songs from a variety of music styles (source). I guess that definitely reflects Rerulili's great talent in various music genres.

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