Saturday, May 12, 2012

Producer Spotlight | Hi Ton / ヒートン

Good evening! Its time again for this week's Producer Spotlight! As requested by fellow writer Agidyne, today I will introduce producer Hi Ton! As usual, let's have a listen at my favourite work from Hi Ton-san.

Hi Ton is a producer who focuses on producing rock songs. Among his works, you can find lots of shoegazing rock songs. Although Hi Ton is not that popular compared to most producers, but I do believe that he needs some more love!

Let's have a look at his first work.

When Hi Ton started out, his uploads at NND used default Miku art, he only started using illustrations since his 8th song.

Hi Ton songs are usually focused on 'love' as the main theme. Hi Ton says that his favourite musical is the guitar. And also, the guitar parts in his songs are all recorded plays by himself, not by DTM!

He also recently bought the new VOCALOID3 IA -Aria On The Planetes- and has already released two songs using IA.

So what do you think about Hi Ton? I'm quite fond of his works too XD Well that's all,See you again next week!

Twitter : @hi_ton_factory
Mylist :
Piapro :

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  1. strangely, songs with the original Miku boxart left a deeper impression on me compared to his newer songs.

    just my 2 cents