Saturday, May 5, 2012

Producer Spotlight | Lemm

Its time for this week's Producer Spotlight! Today I would like to feature a very talented producer, Lemm. Let's first have a listen at my favourite song from Lemm, Absolunote. Absolunote is also Lemm's most highly viewed song on NND.

Lemm usually produces eletronic songs and Drum'n'Bass songs. His songs usually gives off a serene feeling, most fans said that listening to Lemm's songs soothes their hearts. Lemm use of eletronic sounds is very interesting and fun to listen to.

Let's look at Lemm's first work, kirisame

Lemm debuted in the year 2011, which is quite recent! He is a user of Hatsune Miku Append, and he used Hatsune Miku Append Sweet for this song. Lemm is also quite a respectable composer among the community. Nishima Thorndique (another Vocaloid producer) commented that Lemm's use of chord progression is very interesting to look at.

Here's another favourite song of mine, ASTER.

Just recently, Lemm finally produced his first album, Arkhē, and this album was sold at VoM@s 20. Here's the crossfade!

Well, that's all. Here's all the links you might need.

Mylist : mylist/24592751
Twitter :
Piapro Accont :

See you next week for another round of Producer Spotlight!

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