Sunday, April 15, 2012

Producer Spotlight | Rerulili(Toushahi-P) / れるりり(当社比P)

Hello and welcome to VocaloidSync's first official blog post! I'm one of the authors Reigan and I'll be bringing you weekly producer spotlights and some of the latest Vocaloid news! Today I would like to write about producer Rerulili, you might probably know him from Mr. Music

To start off, let's have a listen at his most renowned work, Mr. Music.

Rerulili (or Toushahi-P) is a producer known for his wide musical knowledge and he is able to compose songs of different genres. His songs are usually pop, funk, rock and ballad genres. Let's take a look at Rerulili's first work

Itsumoyori Nakimushi na Sora feat. Hatsune Miku. He uploaded this work in the year 2009 and until now, this song is still as popular among the Vocaloid community. Itsumoyori Nakimushi na Sora successfully hit 2nd spot in the Weekly Vocaran #102, and since then, many people have been eyeing on this new promising producer.

True enough Rerulili delivered one after another without fail on what the fans expected (maybe more!) His next big hit was Knife and according to Rerulili this is a song of mixed genres including EDO, Funk, Afro, and Rock.

How about a funk song from Rerulili? He's one of my favourite producer who produces great funk songs

In addition, Rerulili himself is quite a good singer!

Rerulili can play the guitar, piano and bass very well too. So far, Rerulili has dished out 3 albums, Mugic, Mr. Music and Rhythmism.

That's all for now! Here are several links that you may find useful

Rerulili's Official Website :
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Rerulili's blog :
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Twitter : @rerulili

How do you find this weekly post Producer Spotlight? If you have any comments please post below! Thanks for your time for reading this post and I hope I will continue to write for this blog ()


  1. keep up the good work Reigan-sensei~

  2. omg... i didnt realize that the 1st song rerulili made was one of the songs that i've loved...

    thx you, o-rei-sensei